Osho Kundalini Meditation

This meditation awakens and balances the Kundalini through a Yin Approach. Osho prescribed that it be done in the late evening. It helps you unwind from a day of work and begin your evening and revived. By repeating it after some time, gradually, mental anxieties, sexual and emotional knots melt, to be replaced by an open, lively and harmonious state of being. Osho worked with the musician, Deuter, to accomplish only the correct quality in melodic backup for this meditation. You can buy the CD on Amazon or from Osho.com

Stage 1) 15 minutes: Stand with your feet shoulder-width separated and with knees marginally twisted. This position may make a slight trembling in your legs.  Let this trembling to move from the feet upwards and after that start exaggerating it till your entire body is trembling and shaking. Allow the shaking to come in flighty waves, with more wild movements and sometimes with milder rippling waves. Snaking developments are a characteristic piece of the shaking, as the kundalini energy moves upwards along the spine.

Stage 2) 15 minutes: Let go into unstructured, free-streaming dance. Trust the way your body wants to move. Osho says: “The dancer disappears in the dance till only the dance remains.”

Stage 3) 15 minutes: In this stage, you can stay standing, or you can sit in meditation and silence. If you are sitting, keep the spine straight. As you meditate in silence, you can essentially observe your body, brain, and feelings as a segregated spectator

Stage 4) 15 minutes: During this mixing stage, lay down in deep and let go

Here’s a snippet from my Personal Experience…

I am in love with this meditation. I have been practicing this meditation for several years. To go more deeper, it’s advisableto do it for a duration of at least 21 days – 90 days. This meditation can yield best results in the evening time. I prefer to do it during the sunset in the midst of nature. It is also very helpful in removing any stagnation of energy from the body. It is also beneficialin activating the second chakra in order to get more fluidity in life.

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