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Our Manifesto For Participants Or Clients


That’s how, all of us together can make a safe environment for teachers, students, participants and for clients. So we all grow and reach to the higher consciousness and become a better channel to serve humanity.This manifesto of rights is for any individual who seeks for any type of sexual healing, instructing, surrogacy, sexological bodywork, tantric healing, Tantric massage, Tantric Teaching or Training, or some other type of sexual or arousing healing, educating, investigation, or unwinding dependent on hands-on, experiential, physical work.Here are important rights given to all.


– You have the choice of a free consultation.
– You can anticipate that the specialist should have a perfect, inviting space for your session.
– You can confirm the schools, educators and tutors your expert has worked with.

Clear Direction for Every Step

– You will get clear direction on expense or rewards for every session.

– You can define your own limits.

– All limits will be named, and the extent of those limits will be complete and clear.

– You can expect registration all through the session.

– The limits won’t be crossed or paused amid the session — not regardless of whether you need them to!

– You can include extra limits amid a session.

All session with Important Tips

– You can ask to what extent a session will last.

– You will have the alternative to set aims for the session.

– Any infringement of these rights ought to be met with legit and genuine acknowledgment of duty.

Let’s discuss these rights in detail for better understanding. We practice transparency and honesty in everything we do here!


Tantric or Sexual healing is incredible, significant and intimate work. The wrong teacher, or the wrong experience can set back healing gigantically, or add new obstacles to your development and healing. As needs be, it is reasonable for you to have the chance to talk with your teacher early, and to give yourself an opportunity to process this association. This may not be vital for everybody (or for all expectations), however it ought to dependably be a choice.


A teacher’s sanctuary space must be perfect and inviting. This must be done to strengthen the component of trust. You are trusting your physical, enthusiastic, and vivacious security to your teacher. The teacher must show value of this trust by making a protected and sanctified compartment for your session, irrespective whether the space is a room in the teacher’s house, a devoted healing or sanctuary space, a spa, or a lodging.

Defining your limits:

Clear, straightforward, unambiguous limits are a fundamental piece of a healing background. Each teacher should offer you the chance to define your limits and have the capacity to work innovatively and successfully inside those limits, regardless of what they are. You must feel that you are in the driver’s seat and could include or change limits whenever in any capacity whatsoever.

Named limits:

The teacher ought to have her or his very own limits too, and the mix of limits ought to be plainly named. Clear, concrete named limits are a basic start to your work with a teacher.

Extent of limits:

Anything at all can be defined as a limit. On the off chance that you don’t care for “vitality” you can demand your teacher not to utilize that word. In the event that you don’t have confidence in previous existences or if you discover “divine” to be hostile, you can demand that your teacher find different approaches to convey.

But there are a few things that should always be cleared up toward the start of your work with a teacher.

To be specific:

Communication is the key.

Extent of touch:

What contact do you anticipate?

What contact would you say you are not prepared for?

Are there any wounds or delicate spots that are to be named?

Power of touch:

A few people have outrageous affectability to light touch: it is deplorable. Others can’t tolerate extreme touch.


Tantric healing sessions are commonly offered from a dressed or in part dressed teacher to an unclothed recipient. Be that as it may, not every person starts tantric or sensual healing with touch, and attire can be a vital and unambiguous articulation of limits. While diverse teachers may convey distinctive ways to deal with this, your inclinations must be regarded.


Tantric teachers will frequently utilize gloves for base work (inner anal-centric touch) yet will all the more regularly not utilize gloves for other close touch: gloves obstruct the capacity to feel vitality obviously, and they decrease or dispense with the surface that accompanies the sensitive utilization of fingertips. All things considered, gloves ought to be worn if the skin of the hand is undermined. All teachers must have to have gloves accessible, and it ought to be a choice accessible to you.
Environment: Do you have inclinations for music, lighting, aroma, incense? A skilled teacher should have the capacity to suit your inclinations and be set up to work around any hypersensitivities you may have.

Check ins:

A competent teacher will check in with you at key points of your session. Most particularly, there should be an added level of in-session authorization before intimate touch or penetration of any sort. The skilled teacher will continuously monitor body language, facial expressions, breath, heart rate, energy and offer occasional verbal check-ins for indications that your enthusiastic consent is maintained.

Shifting limits:

The truth of the matter is, when the vitality is streaming, and some anxieties are quieted, you may settle on an altogether different choice about limits than when you initially began a session. However, the condition of unwinding originating from straightforward massage, also sexual excitement, is definitely not a state reasonable for settling on essential choices. The standard practice is for the teacher to hold the named limits all through the session.


This is another limit, the limit of time! A few teachers have charges that are specifically about length, so this is a method for guaranteeing that the teacher is holding your expectations around money related just as physical and enthusiastic wellbeing. In any case, it is proficient to expect that a session be an anticipated length. At any point when the teacher needs to hold open extra time, it should be altogether and only for your well-being.


Just as every session starts with the defining of limits, so there should be a discussion around aims. When you work with a tantric teacher, you are placing yourselves in the hands of a prepared and experienced guide who realizes the region well. All things considered, you are responsible for the goal. It should dependably be clear that you are responsible for your very own development and healing, and the teacher is there to serve your aims.


Even the absolute best teachers will now and then endure an absence of essence, a disappointment of memory, or generally commit an error that disregards their own best aims for their work. It is, be that as it may, completely critical for the teacher to claim up to the misstep and offer a true and unqualified statement of regret. The teacher should be set up to offer some kind of reparation, if that is important. Tantra has no administering body. There is no open or private plan of action other than the law, which is commonly threatening to this profession in any case. At some point, we may see a procedure whereby acclaim, appreciation, concerns, and infringement can be made open in a reasonable and open way.

Fully confirmed consent for any procedure or strategy:

Information about known and suspected dangers and contraindications and benefits, is given before the beginning of any session. Just the methods and procedures positively consented to before a session are used amid that session.

No pressure or extortion:

Consent must be uninhibitedly given in a setting that does not include pressure or diversions. Diversions that are assumed extortion incorporate are any type of intoxication, either synthetic or lively, or flirtation, sexual and romantic.

Full stop:

A customer or member has the privilege to call a quick stop to any procedure or movement straightforwardly including them and to leave any circumstance without any inquiries asked and without antagonistic outcomes.


– There won’t be flirting, kissing with or trade messages or telephone numbers with any workshop participants with the aim of making a sentimental, sexual, or dating association with them for no less than six months, following their latest workshop with us.

– Trading messages and telephone number with the expectation of booking private expert training sessions or creating a professional relationship is permitted.

Master Osho

– If students start flirting with instructors at occasions, we will tell them we are not accessible to date them.

– If there is a student who needs to start an individual relationship, they have to approach the instructor.
As beloved Master Osho suggested, for any kind of intimate relationship between a student and a teacher or between a client and a trainer, it should wait minimum 21 days. If there is some attraction even after 21 days, then plan a meeting without the mask of a teacher-student or client-trainer, and then see how it goes. However, in Tantra nectar we have a more rigid timeline. We extend this time period of 21 days to 3 months.

– As a student or participant, it is very important to take care of the privacy of the group and don’t indulge in any kind of gossiping. If you have any questions, you can always ask privately to the teacher or openly during group sharing.
So many participants and students have an amazing or we could say life changing experiences during the workshop. You are welcome to share about your experience at the workshop with your friends and family. But do share experiences or talks related to group members.

Teaching Workshop

– Also, be mindful to not share the process and teachings outside of the group because its creates an unhealthy environment and trouble because the people who are not a part of the workshop find it very difficult to understand it

– As a teacher, it’s very important to share about your life and your relationship status and a few important things about you during your opening statement of workshop. It adds more trust and safety in the space.

– In special cases , Sometimes it happens that in a workshop, some participants are friends with the teacher from before. As participants, you may feel there is some extra ordinary connection felt between them. You have to be completely transparent about such things during the group sharing.

Sexual Relationship

– If an individual with whom one of us has a prior sentimental or sexual relationship goes to a class, we won’t take part in a suggestive association with them amid the class. This incorporates kissing, flirting or similar conduct except if this is required as a feature of a live demo as a component of the coursework in the class and they are the demo display. Nothing portrayed above will be investigated outside the setting of the demo.

– If there is an uncommon exemption to the understandings made above, co-teachers are to check in with each other before pursuing anything with a participant to have some accountability with each other before starting to escalate the relationship with the student.

Many thanks and gratitude to everyone who is connected directly or indirectly with Tantra Nectar. As a team member, teacher, student, client or participants, if you want to add anything or want to give some suggestion to make this environment more healthy and safe, reach out to us on

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