Power of the Mantra Om

Power of the Mantra Om

India has been home to numerous power mantras and chants that are used as mediums of meditation all over the world. These powerful chants enhance the effect of meditation on your mind and body.

However, there is one such chant that is popular all over the world and is considered to be very powerful is “Om”. It is said to be a seed mantra or one-syllable mantra. As easy as it is to chant, the power of Om is beyond our imagination.

It is considered to be a chant of highest vibration which contains pure energy. Once you are able to channelize the energy of Om you will feel a drastic change in your mind and body. It is considered to be the sound of the creation of the universe.

The sole purpose of chanting Om during meditation is to internalise all your energies and create a oneness amongst them. The repetitive chanting of Om makes you feel in unison with yourself and the universe. Repetitive chanting of Om unites the energies inside your body and forms a single powerful entity that gives you better perception and makes you think about life and the energies around yourself.

There is no doubt that it also unites our mind and body.  Om is more accurately represented through ‘AUM’. Every single letter represents a hidden meaning behind it. The letter ‘A’ represents a state of awareness where we begin the chant, the letter ‘U’ symbolises a dreaming state that we pass on and lastly, the letter ‘M’ represents our mind.

The chanting of ‘Om’ helps us channelize our inner energies and unites them but the actual power lies within us. It is important to understand the benefits of these energies and to use them for the improvement of our mind and body.

In some of the older granthas like the Upanishads, it was said that “In the beginning, there was one word and that word was Om”. It is the sound of creation and it has a significant role in the creation of the universe. It is also said that once you chant Om on a daily basis the conflict in your mind ends and you have a clear vision. It exhausts the war between your mind and your thoughts and unites them by giving them the same purpose.

It is considered to be the remover of all sins and a chant that helps us accumulate positive thoughts and vibes. It helps us attain harmony and peace. It calms our thoughts and mind and allows us to focus on the important things in life. One can simply chant it even if they get a minute or two out of their busy lives. The impact of chanting Om will surprise you.

It will help you free your mind from the exhaustion and stress and help you keep your mind free of negative thoughts that have a terrible impact on your physical and mental strengths. Try chanting Om in your free time and see its impact on your mind and body.

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