Powerful Tantric Techniques

As it is said in most of the Tantric texts, Force emerges from deep know-how, which in turn, is an outcome of direct experience. Thus, it becomes crucial to initiate with the most convenient techniques and then successively proceed with the most challenging ones.

A few training techniques look very ordinary in the beginning. This does not mean that an individual does not pay much attention to these techniques. Every part of the Tantric technique depicted here must be carried out exactly in the manner in which it is described, even if a couple of them appears illogical or entirely unnecessary.

The rhythm of the individual evolution of a person is based on the perseverance and ardor in the training. Therefore, some will be able to obtain the supreme capacity of entirely transmuting their erotic energy in psihomental force. Thus, they will reach supreme states of extraordinary capacities (Siddhis), consciousness and improved achievements in every field of their everyday life.

The training practices are categorized as per a 3-level model-

  1. The improved perception
  2. Supreme control
  3. The proficient direction of power

Among these, the command over the sexual power is the most crucial part for beginners and must be mastered. The level of perception will be of great interest to those who possess problems in this realm (such as cases of frigidity). As the last level, the direction gives regards to the practical continuation of the procedure of command which allows the spiritual usage of this highly enhanced sexual power.

The techniques are of two types- techniques for couples and individual techniques. The latter one is for beginners when they are alone. However, they must not consider themselves as instruments to reach a specific level of accomplishment. Therefore, as soon as they attain proficiency in their practice, they must be abandoned for the goodwill of supreme Tantric techniques for couples. Initially, one needs to master his performance, as it is said.

The specification mentioned above has numerous reasons. Amongst those reasons, the most important is termed as individual practices and share similarities with the process of masturbating (which is now a common practice in the western regions). Where modern society imparts knowledge of masturbation techniques to the youngsters, the ancient tantric tradition does not have a similar perspective. Other than the loss of energy due to explosive orgasm or ejaculation, there are several factors which say that masturbation is a negative habit.

However, the debate upon this topic is too vast for the course of beginners. It may be said that it isolates from the reality or builds a phenomenon of partial autism which in turn, creates some kind of egoism and a specific artificiality in an individual’s nature. Any individual will be able to point out the difference amidst the outer reality (the world) and lone of sexual training – the interaction between two partners in an erotic sexual play, by practicing these techniques.



The Mantra of perception (awareness)

The Mantra of awareness sounds “AUM”.


Learn these sounds and make use of them only in association with these techniques. These sounds may be tuned with a loud voice or they can be uttered feebly. Also, they can be repeated mentally.

The Yantra of an individual’s imagination or creative imagination must run parallelly with the mantra.


Mahakala had a glance of the reflection of the body, which was given to him by Kali, in the mirror. He touched his body gently to feel the sensation of pleasure that erupted within. Kali provided directions to his touch and taught him whatever he was supposed to know.

You are well aware of how your body looks. But as you live with it, you are not able to appreciate the real worth of it- of sensual and sensitive organs. Tantra allures you to gain knowledge about your own body in the ‘Tantric style’, a more impetuous style.

See yourself nude in a large mirror. Converge your focus towards your lips and bring the middle and index fingers of your dominant hand to your lips. Imagine that the other individual is creating these feelings to you and perform the Perception Mantra again. Now, take your left hand towards the nipple of the right bust. Focus on the architecture of your nipple and its form. Feel your sensitivity. Feel your nipples getting harder.

Repeat Perception mantra for two times and take your hand off from your breasts and lips. Drop your left arm. Now, take your right hand towards your left breast and stimulate it gently while repeating the Perception mantra twice. Take your right hand away from your breast and fold your hands. Relax your hands just below the navel, against the abdomen and repeat the Mantra. Part your hands while sliding them downwards via the pubic hair. With the thumb and index finger, encircle the base of your penis and tighten your fingers encircling it. Repeat the perception mantra. Take your hands away from the penis without coming in contact with any other part. Relax your arms. This is the first phase of the technique.

Close your eyes and focus on the detailed image of Yantra of yourself in the nude reflection of the mirror. If you face any issues in forming the image in your mind, then open your eyes, and again look at the reflection of your body in the mirror.

Touch your nipples, lips, and penis once again. Repeating the process will help you to fix the image in your mind. Repeat the sequence. Sense your lips with your fingers while mentally feeling that the hands which are creating the senses belong to someone else. Repeat the Mantra while repeating the process.

Now, move the fingers of your right hand towards the left breast to stimulate the nipples. Keep up the image of someone else doing the process and stimulating your nipples. The feeling of pleasure enhances when you recite the mantra along with it. Repeat the same process with your right nipple. Gently slide your hands downwards while imagining that someone else is grasping the head of your penis and is applying pressure on it.

Repeat the technique once again. This time imagine that your hands are touching the lips, penis, and nipples of someone else. Feel the soft outline of someone else’s lips, sense the hardening of the nipples of someone else’s breasts. Feel your hands sliding down the pubic hair of another person and your fingers exploring the body of the other person.

This technique helps in stimulating as well as relaxing. Practicing it in the morning helps to keep you sensually active and energetic all day. When repeated in the evening, it puts your body in a condition of restful relaxation.

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