A man concentrated on sexual continence controls and transforms the sexual energy into subtle, mental energy that spreads through the body.

This procedure stops the physical shaping and manifestation of the sperm. Pranayama helps the sublimation of the sexual energy, and its transforms into mental energy that spreads through the body, helping access to raised conditions of consciousness.

This procedure of control of the prana, mind, and sexual energy ultimately leads the awakening of the significant heat, Kundalini Shakti and its rising to the upper chakras.


A healthy individual takes in and out around 21,600 times each day. Regular breath leaves the body at around 16 widths of fingers from the body.

During walking, rest, sex, and so on, one may see breath at around 20, 24 and separately 30 widths of fingers. Brutal physical exercises make this distance around 96 widths of fingers.

When this separation of the breath out of the body stays in the regular limit, that individual will profit of a long and healthy life. If the breath goes past that separation, the person in question referred to will live less.

Minerals, vegetal bodies, and creatures are made of oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen. Of all these, the most significant is the oxygen. For the most part, the air we breathe in has 21% oxygen. The air we breathe out has just 12% oxygen.

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Generally, we utilize just 1/6 of our lungs’ ability. What’s more, particularly the upper pieces of the lungs are left unused. Pranayama may help build up the highest limit of the lungs actuating zones that are generally inactive.

Activating the lungs to their most extreme capacity may enable an individual to increase massive essentialness and power, as well as excellent health.

The extraordinary, more significant part of the individuals breathe irregularly, and we may include even sporadic/clamorous.

The breath is diverse on account of men, ladies, young and old. Anomalies in the eating routine produce irregularities during the process of breathing.

Dread, anxiety, pressure, enthusiasm, brutal feelings, diseases, troubles of all kinds, lead to a superficial, whimsical breath. These things affect the breathing directly, deciding an irregular progression of the prana.

The unbalanced pranic energy will circle through the Nadis and will decide confused lung movements, which in their transform will impact the breath, transforming it into a sporadic procedure.

Subsequently, a sporadic breath is the indication of an uneven movement of the energies. An individual with standard prana flow is protected from any diseases. Diseases are energy unbalanced showed at the degree of the physical body.

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The control of the prana through the nadis will make the breath and the lungs’ developments standard and leveled out. Besides, if the breath becomes regular, the flow of prana circling through the nadis will become ordinary.

Pranayama gives us the apparatuses to standardize and to control the breath to arrive at physical, enthusiastic, and subtle purification.

Such purification leads to mind control and balance of the energies from each degree of sign: vital, sexual, volitional, affective, mental, and spiritual.

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