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Tantra Massage & Healing Journey With Satyarthi For 21 Days


The 21 Days journey with Satyarthi Prateek is the ultimate Tantra Massage healing journey for those who are wanting to know themselves and celebrate all aspect of life. Tantra uses and accepts whatever is there in the moment which deepens awareness.

Once you learn to accept yourself, your desires and your limitations, you have an opportunity to rise above them. You then indulge in desires with awareness, towards the ultimate longing of Divine Unity. The journey will strip away layers of social conditioning and expand your consciousness.

Tantra Massage Learning

This 21 day journey incorporates all the learnings and experiences he has had in his Tantra Massage and Healing since 2003. It is designed in a way that ensures to one receiving the complete, holistic healing for his growth.

As a receiver in the journey of ultimate healing, you can receive a combination of Meditative Bodywork, Ancient Tantra Massages, Awakening Sensuality, Energy work with chakra balancing and much more.

2 Hours of Massage Sessions

A receiver can experience 10 sessions of massage during this healing journey. Every session is held on alternate days during this period. Each session completes in approximately in 2 hours.

The journey starts with deep relaxation of body using the Meditative Bodywork approach followed by creating a strong balance bridge between body and mind with the approach of ancient Tantra Massages. We then move on to awakening the sensuality. We end it with the synchronisation of body, mind and soul using chakra balancing and energy work


-Taoist Tantra Massage – 2 Sessions-Kashmiri Tantra Massage – 2 Sessions
-Tantra Nectar Touch Massage with Meditative Bodywork – 2 Sessions
-Tantra Nectar Touch Massage with Ayurvedic Yogic Tantra – 1 Session

Conscious Sensuality

-Tantra Nectar Touch Massage with Conscious Sensuality – 1 Session (Yoni or Lingam Healing)

-Tantra Nectar Touch Massage with Inner Alchemy – 1 Session (Yoni or Lingam Healing)

-Chakra Balancing and Energetic Orgasm – 1 Session

Healing Tantra

Satyarthi Prateek has designed this especially for those who want to drop into the core of their being and attain complete healing through Tantra.

Want to explore and empower your own sexuality?

Want your relationship to burn with passion again?

Want to learn techniques to enhance lovemaking and build closer intimacy with your partner?

If yes, then Tantra Massage healing journey is for you!


Tantra Massage is for everyone, partnered or single and is especially beneficial for sexual issues relating to premature ejaculation, sexual trauma and sexual confidence and for women who have difficulty achieving orgasm.

If you want to experience more richness in your life, love and sexuality, this 21 day’s Massage healing journey is for you.

Book Satyarthi for 21 days now!

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