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Before & After Session Guidelines For Client

Getting one on one sessions is amazing and can raise recollections and feelings. This guide has been created to enable you to comprehend the procedure, how to capitalize on a session and to have an increasingly easeful change after a session.


1.Have a decent night’s rest before the session day. Hit the sack early and don’t utilize any mind-altering medications, for example, liquor, cannabis or dozing pills for somewhere around 24 hours before or after the session. It is prescribed to likewise not consume caffeine or stimulated refreshments for 6 hours before the session.

2.Take your last meal at least 3 hours before the session. For best results, your belly should be empty.

Importance of Drinking Water

3.Drink a lot of unadulterated, clean water before and after the session. This flush poison out and greases up the body just as helping the stream of vitality.

4.After the session, take a proper day’s rest at least, without any sexual contact and if by chance you connect sexually, consider doing it in a slower, all the more nurturing way and don’t concentrate on climax or ejaculation.

Important Meditative Practices

5.For a better after effect, support yourself with individual meditative  practices, for example, Kundalini Meditation , Chakra Breathing Meditation , Cognisant self-touching and self-pleasure work outs, strolling in nature, yoga, qigong, Tantra, light exercise, and journaling.

6.It is beneficial to rest for few days after the session and if you interested to go deeper in Tantra then you must join our evening events / workshops / retreats.

7.Try not to plan anything preceding or after a session so you have extensive time to inhale, feel, appreciate and coordinate. Generally, customers rise up out of the session in a space of quietness, reflection, and calm thought, it is prescribed to permit space for that.

Don’t Drink Alcohol

8.After the session, it very important to consume light food for the next 48 hours. Don’t drink alcohol, smoke or attend parties for at least 48 hours.

9.Please don’t forget to switch off your mobile phones during the session. Would also suggest that its best to not wear any jewellery for the sessions.

10.After the session, a hot shower at home is helpful. It’s good to spend time with yourself while listening to meditative music.


1.The purpose of a Tantra massage is not ejaculation, orgasmic pleasure or any sexual gratification. The purpose of a Tantra massage is the complete holistic healing, so our focus is never on orgasm. However, if you have an orgasm during the session then it’s great or if you don’t, it’s still great.

2.Normally, a Tantra massage is received on a naked body. But as a receiver if you have any boundaries then you must discuss with your session giver and whatever boundaries are discussed before the session will be taken care of.

Auric Touch

3.The genital touch is part of session but it’s important to discuss your boundaries and if you have difficulties to receive genital touch then it could be possible that the massage can be done by auric touch.

4.There is no genital to genital touch, or oral to genital touch during the session.

5.In yoni healing, lingam healing and anal healing, there is penetrative touch by fingers. So as a receiver if you have any boundaries then you must discuss with your session giver and whatever boundaries are discussed before the session will be taken care of.

6.The session giver is partially nude with an underwear on.


7.In any condition, there is strictly no sex involved in the session.

8.It is very important to discuss your medical history with your session giver.

Share all things about you!

9.It is compulsory that you download the client intake form from website and read it and fill it up with full of integrity and truth. Email it to us beforehand so that your session giver can understand more about you.

10.Sometimes you come for a Tantra massage healing but your body may not be ready. In this case, it could be possible that the session you desire could be completely changed or is different. That is on the freedom of the session giver to decide what is best for you.

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