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Kashmiri Tantra Massage For Men Or Women


The Kashmiri Tantric Massage is an ancient technique from the mountainous north of Himalayan India, a source of Tantric wisdom known as Kashmiri Shaivism. It is an extremely powerful healing technique which comes from the Shiva and Shakti tradition of Kashmiri Tantra, an integral part in Shaivism Tradition.

The Shiva Shakti massage or the Kashmiri Massage gives the receiver an opportunity to meet the inner child and outer adult at the same time.

Full Body Massage

It features a full body massage that a baby or young child would receive from their parents. It is an opportunity to meet your inner child; you can experience being a young one and an adult at the same time. It is akin to creating a bridge inside of your being.

Kashmiri Meditation

The Kashmiri Shaivism meditation is more connected to music, making maximum use of breathing potential. It has a strong connection with the tantric ideology of sensuality and enjoyment.

You experience the magic of touch in a Kashmiri Massage where long strokes, slow & fast energetic strokes are suggestive of playing an instrument.


The Shiva Shakti massage includes all areas of the body with no particular focus on the genitals and it’s not even intended to be sexually stimulating. Instead, it associates touch being cherished and help in a non-sexual way which is received as a child.

This Kashmiri Tantric massage aims at increasing energy levels in the body and therefore increasing consciousness.

Full body Orgasm with Kashmiri Massage

Its purpose is to refresh & allow the sexual energy flow freely throughout the entire body.The receiver can experience a full body orgasm with a Kashmiri massage since touching erogenous zones can awaken the sexual energy. The idea is to stay relaxed and continue breathing even when the excitement rises. The want for total surrender and release is welcomed.

By having your entire body massaged in Kashmiri Shaivism Meditation’s attentive way it is possible to submit to yourself and feel reconnected with yourself rather than being caught up in thoughts and restlessness. It helps to heal your inner child and also helps release the karmic imprints and gives you the opportunity to live a burden free life.

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