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Tantra Nectar Touch Massage For Woman


The Tantra Nectar Touch Massage for Women is developed by the core integral part of the Tantra Nectar Massage Academy, Satyarthi Prateek. During his journey of more than 15 long years, he has learned several kinds of Meditative Bodywork, Energy Healings techniques and as well as various kinds of Tantra Massages from different schools of east and west.

He believes that to achieve higher, divine healing and complete holistic healing, it is it important to merge meditative bodywork, Energy healing techniques and Tantra massages.

Healing Body, Emotional, Sexual Pain in Single Massage

This will help create a bridge where they all merge together for a divine feeling which has the capability of healing your body pain, emotional pain as well as sexual trauma at once.

It will give you the ultimate taste of your being where nothing is left except silence which remains with your pure consciousness.

Cure all inner Problems

It is not focused just on sexuality. But, sexuality is a crucial aspect of it because of the passion we experience. They are some of the most intense sensations and emotions in our lives.


Tantra Nectar Touch Massage for Women helps to explore your sensuality and sexuality consciously. It helps practicing the art of using pleasure for the purpose of greater understanding, compassion, empathy and love.

Satyarthi Prateek knows that we live in a society where we are not educated to express femininity. Hence, he emphasis on the practice of Tantra for Women.

Women Sexual Needs

Tantra for Women will make it easier for a woman to express sexual wants, desires and help her to come forward in full force & sensuality. The limitations & blockages faced by women will be dissolved by the conscious and affectionate touch in a tantric massage for women or Tantra massage for females.

The feminine spiritual path will create an unconditional loving space for her to experience who she truly is. The Tantric massage for women or Tantra massage for females will vanish any limitations, pain and tensions from her mind, body and emotions.


This Sensual Massage For Women helps her find a feminine spiritual path for clarity and has a healing effect on the body as well. The exploration of femininity with Yoni healing provides a variety of health and healing benefits.

Yoni is a Sanskrit word referring to the female genital or vagina. Since most women these days are unfamiliar with tantric practices, the powerful & latent yoni energy remains an untapped potential. Also, women tend to take on much of their outer world trauma and emotions in the yoni which leads to blockages and even common female health issues.

Yoni Healing

Tantric Massage for women or Tantra massage for Females when done correctly for yoni healing addresses all of these aspects, plus much more.

By massaging the yoni in a specific way the latent energy can be released. This Sensual Massage for Women can be used to take this newly available energy and transform it into a usable force.

Sensual Massage for Women

This force can bring about many phenomenal spiritual, physical, emotional, sexual, and mental effects. The newly found confidence and energy after a experiencing a Sensual Massage for Women makes them feel alive and reconnects them to their inner self.

Satyarthi’s Tantra Nectar Touch Massage for Women is an opportunity for all women to walk the Feminine Spiritual Path to reach deep and satisfying fulfilment in love and life practicing Tantra for Women.

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