Reasons Why To Love Yourself

In a world where doubting yourself ultimately culminates into self- degradation, reasons why to love yourself run out fast, it’s just not enough to be yourself anymore. Thinner nose, puffier lips, thicker eyebrows, fairer skin, straighter hair, wanting to be taller, the list is endless. Society’s set, stereotypical standards and expectations, however appealing to fit into, are exhausting to squeeze oneself in, and more often than not convey a negative, self-deprecating body image.

Reasons why to love yourself stem from self-acceptance instead of wishing you were someone else. No one can do what you do, the way you do, and therein lies your power. But bear in mind that you are not supposed to accept yourself the way you are because ‘that’s what you’re stuck with’ or, ’you have got to play the card you’ve been dealt’. Do not do yourself any favours. Accepting yourself for who you are and how you are and not for the way you want to be entail the reasons why to love yourself.

In order to achieve this speak to yourself in front of the mirror every day for at least 5 minutes before you begin your day in a caressing manner. For example, ‘I like my nose. Nobody else has a nose like mine’. You do not have to love yourself straightaway, you can begin to like yourself by making a list of all your amenable qualities, just like when you are getting to know somebody new. Positive words of encouragement are essential to achieve self-acceptance and gradually give you more reasons why to love yourself.

When you reach a place where you feel that maybe it is not all that bad to be ‘you’, you can progress to strengthening your self-belief system. It is herein that you will create concrete reasons why to love yourself. Take up a task outside your comfort zone, preferably something that scares you or makes you feel small and instead of the default, wired in response set in your brain- ‘I can’t do this’, grill yourself into believing that you CAN and proceed without second guessing yourself. If you fail, screw up or embarrass yourself, do not be hard on yourself.

Be gentle. Slowly but surely, with positive results you will see the change in you, and if ever you fail again, you’ll be able to look back to all the things you achieved by believing in yourself and you will be able face the problem before you with a rejuvenated perspective. Listing reasons why to love yourself will not be such a task anymore, because feeling comfortable in your own skin will feel as natural as breathing.

Self-love literally determines what kind of life you will have. It affects your ability to have a loving relationship with others, not just yourself, because if you can’t love yourself, you can’t love anybody else. The third and last stage to acquire more reasons to love yourself and treat the ones now already in place with much adoration, is to practice self -appreciation. Applaud and commend yourself on the little things you do, treat yourself to a good meal, and not just when you do well in something, but because you deserve to feel good and appreciated and loved by YOURSELF and nobody else. Self-acceptance, self-belief and self-appreciation are the three golden steps to collecting countless reasons why to love yourself, despite all odds.

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