Reflection Of The Month: Yoni Gazing

The Yoni is the place all life is birthed through, and looking at her can be a profoundly transformative encounter. For ladies, looking at her very own or another woman’s Yoni can enable her to accept that this incredible channel for life lives in her very own body and therefore she is an epitome of the divine feminine. For a man, gazing at the Yoni can carry him to a place of profound love and awe for the power of the feminine which gives birth all things, including him.

To practice this meditation:

For ladies

You can either practice this meditation alone or with a friend. In any case, first, take effort to set up your space. Create a beautiful, delicate, holy space where you can relax and ensure you won’t be disturbed. If alone, get comfortable and either be naked or with loose clothing on however no underway. Take a hand mirror and position it so you can see your Yoni. Look at her for at any rate 20 minutes, taking in all parts of her. Just as the physical, check whether you can detect and feel her vivacious energy, and her divine nature. How can it feel to see, sense, and contact your Yoni in this way? After the 20 minutes is up, write about the experience in your diary, and you may likewise need to draw a painting, compose a poem, or do some other innovative that represents the Yoni.

In the event that with a companion, take it in goes to look at one another’s Yonis and offer about the experience before writing in your journal and doing the creativity activity.

For men and women

Prepare your space as above. The woman sits or lies comfortably with her legs open. The man sits directly before the lady so he can gaze onto her Yoni. Do this for 20 minutes. Thereafter bow down to one another and share your experience.

Through workshops and retreats, we reveal the techniques of tantra and help you to create a better body-mind connection. You can also visit our website to know more about us. Hope the post was informative, and you have enjoyed reading it.

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