Sacred Sex And Ancient Tantric Practices For Modern World

Sex is a core function of humankind. It assumes an immense job in the physical health and essentialities of the body. Misuse and abuse of sex, likewise any addiction, influences those things negatively. Sacred sex is about consciousness and mindfulness, elevating a simple act of pleasure to a spiritual experience. Sacred sex is the act of sex from a place of love and devotion, elevating it from a simple act of pleasure to a spiritual experience.

We can begin to incorporate Tantric practices in our modern lives to become more mindful of our own desires and needs. Everyone has their own inner moral sense and is free to act accordingly—as long as they don’t violate anyone else’s rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. At its best, sacred sex is joyful and free. When we are able to stay in our bodies during sex, rather than closing down and tuning out, we are able to stay connected to the physical experience of lovemaking.

Here are a few Tantric practices to help release oxytocin 9, a hormone that plays a role in social bonding, sexual reproduction, childbirth, and the period after childbirth.

1)  Pause for a minute to dive your way into your body

Notice what sensations are near you. Take notice of the thoughts and allow them to travel their own path without interfering with them. Imagine yourself experiencing this training in your day to day life. Become more mindful of your passionate state, taking note of every feeling that is around you without judgment or dwelling over them. If you can, try identifying the emotional state you are in.

2) Next, give yourself consent to have the feeling

Perceive that all feelings are typical pieces of the human experience that fill a need, even amidst mindful sexuality. Wonderful feelings like love, joy etc. demonstrate to us that we like what we are encountering and inspire us to look for encounters this way. Then again, negative emotions like anger and bitterness give us helpful data about requirements that are not being met and limits that may be violated.

3) Keep reminding yourself that whatever motion you’re feeling as of now, is an absolutely common human inclination. It is completely okay to experience it. Cultivate a mentality of cherishing acknowledgement to whatever you are encountering. During mindful love, bring this same genuinely caring attitude towards any physical sensations or thoughts that might be going through your mind.

4) Now think about the people you love – individuals you care for and who care for you. Maybe your wife/ husband or kids, a relative, family member, even a pet. Pause for a minute to truly sense them before you. See their faces, one by one. On the off chance that there are loads of individuals who come to mind, hold each as a top priority for a brief span before proceeding onward to the following. In the event that you sense disharmony with them (it’s totally normal) or feelings of judgment, simply center here on the feeling of mindful love and support.

5)  Truly immerse yourself in the experience of love and support – flowing out of you to them and them to you. Take a couple of minutes to truly appreciate this inclination. Do you feel in your body the oxytocin being released? This is what it feels like to be close associate with your body and mind.

So live, laugh and be, in the present moment. Let me know if you felt the trigger of oxytocin-releasing from your body. I hope you can practice these steps and be more aware of your surroundings and consequently enjoy a richer social bond and sex life.

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