Self-body awareness moments

Self-body awareness

Creating self-awareness about your body is essentially focussed on understanding your weaknesses and strengths and using them in the best way possible. It helps you to get a clear perception about your personality.

It helps you to analyse the reaction of the people around you and how they perceive your reactions and behaviour around them.

We consider ourselves to be self-aware about things and, the surroundings and the people around us but most of the times we are not. As you amplify self-awareness you can make changes to your thoughts and ideas. Developing the ideas in your mind enables you to transform your emotions. Self-awareness is one of the characteristics of Emotional Intelligence and a significant factor in gaining success

Self-awareness is the primary step in planning what you want and, understanding your life; where you concentrate your consciousness, your sentiments, feelings and decide where you wish to be in life. Possessing self-awareness enables you to see where your beliefs and emotions are taking you.

It also lets you take charge of your sentiments and your personality so you can make the adjustments you want. Until you are informed about your feelings, words, and actions, you will have trouble adjusting in the path of your life.

Self-awareness is formed through methods in directing your attention to the features of your character and action. It is not acquired from studying articles and reading books about it. When you interpret a book, you are concentrating your attention on the conceptual approaches in the book. You can acquire a rational judgment of the concepts of self-awareness from a magazine or a book, but it won’t be the same.When you read a book about self-awareness you getting acquainted with the ideas and concepts instead of practising them in real time.

When you become more self-aware you inherently begin to see aspects of your personality and performance that you didn’t see before.  If you have an irrational reaction of rage or failure, you discern many of the ideas and, thoughts that build up towards those emotions.

In this heightened consciousness, you inherently make sounder decisions in your thought process long before an impulsive reaction or negative behaviour can emerge.

Self-awareness is not just limited to our thought processes it also plays an important role in our relationships.

Relationships are simple until there is an emotional disturbance. It is the same for your work and your personal relationships. When you can alter the interpretation in your perception of what you think, you can improve your sentiments and change the sensitive nature of your relations.

When you can alter the feelings in your relationships you initiate completely new opportunities in your life. Having a distinct perception of your views and, behaviour patterns encourages you to understand other personalities. This ability to sympathise promotes genuine personal and professional relationships. The adjustments in your mind and personality become manageable and easy when you promote self-awareness.

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