Seven practices to connect with your Divine Feminity

Divine feminine shouldn’t be developed or made inside us. It is us. It is our preferred quintessence to come into this life. And so, it is ever-present energy that is always there. Connecting with your Divine Feminity will not only help you to build stronger relationships with your friends and family but most importantly yourself.

As I understand, I would advise you to follow these seven practices to connect with your Divine Feminine.

  1. Meditation

Cultivate a habit of meditation. Experience stillness inside you, sit alone in peace & tune into your inner voice. Quiet contemplation & being attuned to your body are extremely essential to activate your divine Feminity. Often while practicing meditation & stillness one tends to experience a constant barrage of overflowing thoughts. However, it doesn’t matter what happens in the moments of meditation. Just pay attention to your breathing & sitting upright. Practicing regularly is the key to mastering meditation.

  1. Feel your emotions fully

Modern World has somehow instilled in us that feeling our emotions is weak & aimless. We tend to run away from our feelings, suppress them or simply be in denial about them. Feelings that we refuse to feel stagnate in not only our physical bodies but also in our consciousness which restricts the flow of divine feminine energy. When you accept your own feelings with compassion & empathy, your suppressed feminine energy will begin to flow through you again.

  1. Practice Radical Self-Love

Getting to radically love yourself is vital to pave a path for your divine feminine energies to flow again. Women particularly are conditioned from a young age to be conscious about their bodies which results in constant struggle with self-esteem and self-love. Men also can be affected by unrealistic standards imposed on them which directly threaten their overall self-worth.

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  1. Practice Self-Care

Treat your inner Goddess as someone who deserves care & pampering. Soak your tired feet in Epsom salts at the end of the day. Sip some detoxifying drink, sit by the candlelight & read a good book to unwind. These tiny acts of self-care are both fun & nourishing for the body, mind & soul and will ease the flow of divine energy into your being.

  1. A Walk in Nature

Nature contains the divine energy & healing powers of Mother Earth. Nature is a sacred purifier. A silent walk into the forest amidst the trees, birds is one of the best forms of meditation that will help you tune into your inner self and channelize your divine feminine energy! Walking bare feet on Earth is considered deeply grounding.

  1. Tune into the Lunar Cycle

When the new moon occurs go into an introspective mood and set intentions, when the full moon is coming, know that it is highly vibrational and is the best time for the manifestation of intentions. Knowledge of Lunar cycles helps deepen your connection to your divine Feminity.

  1. Appreciate the beauty all around

Creating beauty everywhere you go is vital to connect with your divine Feminity. Create a sacred sanctuary in your home, use colours like pink, purple, red to instil a feminine & sensual vibe. Let beauty completely fill your senses & you will experience divine feminine energy flowing through your system.

These seven practices will help you find a treasure chest of resources inside your calmness & you will be aware that a still mind is a pathway to connect with your divine Feminity. Resolve to reconnect with your Divine Feminity!

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