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Acknowledgement Form

1. I accept and take full responsibility for myself, including my behaviour in relation to other persons and for all the actions that I take during class.

2. While Tantra Nectar tries its best to take care of your safety and well-being, in the event that there is an unfavourable event during a seminar, workshop or training then, Tantra Nectar shall not be liable for the same.

I have read the questionnaire and I have replied with my answers with absolute truthfulness I have completely understood the nature of the workshop and the consequences of it .

Tantra Nectar, and their team who are organising and leading the workshops, seminars and classes (including those invited to specially conduct these workshops, seminars and classes) and all other related companies will be non-responsible for any of my damages, damage or injuries. 

I release Tantra Nectar and their team from any form of liability and relinquish the right to any legal claims against the Tantra Nectar Team and their associates for deficiency in service.

3. I confirm that I am obliged to inform the Group Leader about any past manifestations of psychiatric illnesses, infectious diseases, drugs or any other physical condition that may affect me during my participation in meditation practices before they begin with such practises.

4. I take full responsibility for the organization of my medical insurance or any other financial expenses necessary for the treatment of any diseases or injuries I may receive during workshops, classes and seminars. 

5. I undertake to respect and maintain the confidentiality of any information relating to personal data, names, addresses, photographs, histories or behaviour of all persons whom I will meet or see during classes and seminars. I undertake not to disclose or publish any such information without the written permission of all interested parties. 

6. Unless the contrary has been communicated in writing, I authorize Tantra Nectar to take photographs and record video recordings and authorize the use of these materials for publication. Tantra Nectar undertakes to use these materials responsibly and prudently.

7. In case of cancellation before the start of classes, the fee will be reimbursed; less 10% of the amount for administrative expenses. The participant is fully responsible for any bank charges associated with the return of money.

If I decide to not the join the workshop, seminar or class after making the payment, then the money paid by me will not be refunded.  

The Tantra Nectar reserves the right to change the time or place of classes and seminars at any time. 

8. I confirm that to participate I am obliged to abide by the rules and bye laws of Tantra Nectar and the place of meditation. In any case, I undertake to follow the following rules:
1. No physical violence against myself, others or property.
2. No storage or use of prohibited substances. 

9. I confirm that the presentation of meditation practices requires a certain course of study from rightsholders. My participation in classes and seminars in itself does not imply and does not give any right to conduct or teach The Tantra Nectar Mediations .

10. I confirm my consent to receive informational messages using the contacts indicated in the questionnaire.

11. Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco and/or any other illegal substances are strictly prohibited in the workshop premises.

I fully understand and are aware of the conditions stated above and agree to comply with them.