Six Ways to Connect with your Inner Goddess

Every Woman has an Inner Goddess inside her which somehow gets lost in the cultural conditioning, the various roles & responsibilities that she has to shoulder in the world. Modern women have lost touch with their Inner Goddesses. It is the need of the hour for them to reconnect with their Inner Goddess and reignite their divine feminine energy to be healthier & happier versions of themselves.

Some ways to connect with your Inner Goddess are:

  1. Celebrate your Body

To harness divine feminine energy and awaken your Inner Goddess you need to start appreciating your body and the gorgeous female form. Lie on your side on a bed or a mattress naked and softly run your hands through your breasts, your hips, the nape of your neck & all parts that make you a woman. Explore your sexuality. Fall in love unconditionally with your body. Whenever you feel compelled to criticize your body remember the exact feeling you felt while caressing your body. Feeling her beauty literally is the perfect way to honour your inner goddess!

  1. Feel & Show your emotions

Portrayal of our emotions is looked down upon & is considered as a weakness. As a result, women suppress their feelings. Women take their sensitivities & bury them deep down, thereby losing the very essence of being a Woman. To reconnect with your Inner Goddess, showing & feeling your emotions is essential. Your Inner Goddess will beam equally whether you’re feeling brave or vulnerable!

  1. Do Less, Be More & Be Mindful

In our hectic lives, being busy is often glorified. We take on tasks after tasks, micro-managing every single thing and are in a state of constant hustle & overdrive. To reconnect with your Inner Goddess, you need to consciously choose less tasks. Practice mindfulness, be in the moment Here & Now, concentrate on the task in hand & fully enjoy the process.

  1. Engage in Sacred Sex

In today’s fast paced world, Sex is reduced to being mechanical as if it is a chore that needs to be completed! We are constantly plugged into our devices & ironically fail to connect with our partner. To embrace your inner goddess, you need to indulge in sacred sex. Try something new with your partner. It doesn’t have be wild or crazy, it can be something simple yet romantic. Light some candles for a soft atmosphere, defuse some aromatic oils, play some sensual & soothing music, take a bath together & have a fiery conversation. If you are single you can start to explore your own body. Delicately touch, fondle & look at your beautiful body & get to know what turns you on & what are your deepest desires. You will instantly feel connected to your Inner Goddess once you fully embrace your sexual side!

  1. Turn to Mother Nature

Take the refuge of the mother of all goddesses when you feel disconnected from your Inner Goddess. Take a walk through the woods, soak in the sunshine, walk barefoot on the grass. Make Mother Nature a part of your routine!

  1. Love & Support the Men in your Lives

Often, women help men take down their walls by providing them with a safe haven to express his softer feminine qualities. In the process, women connect with their own divine feminine energy because they get to express their sensitive, nurturing and compassionate qualities. So offer unconditional support to the Men is your lives!

It’s time to start embracing your Inner Goddess and feel like your authentic self. Not only will you vibrate higher, but will also become more empathetic & start loving yourself even more. You will start embodying fiery grace and unlock infinite power!

Hope this helps!! If you want to know more about the secrets of Tantra, feel free to visit today!! Check out our upcoming workshops and retreats and find out the key to better the quality of life!!

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