Tandava Tantra Massage and Vedic Tantra Massage

In tantric tradition, the body is said to be a sacred temple that has to be worshiped, admired, and delighted in intense pleasure. But what exactly is Tandava Tantra Massage?

How It All Started

A well-known Traditional Tantric method, Tandava can be rooted from the Kaula tradition of Kashmir. A mystical dance with very slow steps is believed to create the awareness of the cosmic entity and attunement with the universe.

It is by the word of mouth that makes Tantra’s teachings alive even today. It was challenged by other religions and often hidden. It was practiced underground. However, teachers still managed to pass the teachings of Tantra on their disciples by a series of initiations until the disciple is ready. Today, the field of Tantra is still a mystery puzzle that no one has the right piece to solve.

What is Tandava Tantra Massage Or Vedic Tantra Massage?

Tandava is meant to beapplying the principle of returning to the simplicity and truth in ourselves. Furthermore, it is also a way for us to regain us from shame. Although Tandava includes physical and sexual healing through touch, it must be clear to everyone that Tandava Tantra Massage is not a way to release sexuality. The touch involved in Tandava must not entail fear and desire because you are caressing the divine.

Where to Practice Tandava

If you prefer to do it indoors, you can also play music that has no fixed rhythm like classical music or some upbeat music depending on your preference.

This massage encourages participants to be nude and full body, however, it still depends on your comfort and ease.

How to ApplyTandava Tantra Massage

The following steps are based upon the Tandava procedure and practice. With 20 to 40 minutes of practicing these steps, you can already feel its effect. However, it’s up to you if how often you’d like to do this. Moreover, if you practice this every day for 21 days this will help you to enter the zone of Tantra deeply. These steps are to be practiced by both – giver and receiver. And although technically, one must know that in this massage there is no receiver and giver per se. It’s more like an orgasmic dance, spree of body movements, and touching each other without disturbing the dance.

  1. Both the receiver and giver can touch the ground with their feet and raise the hands. Then take few deep breaths from your belly.
  2. Halt for few seconds until your hands and feet start to be filled with a presence. In some cases, you may feel like thelight is falling from the sky and entering your body.
  3. After you are filled with the said presence, let it move your body. Feel your hands and arms beginning to move by itself.
  4. The movements must be slow, like moving in thick honey. You may feel very light like seaweed or an astronaut.
  5. Relax your jaws or hang your mouth open. The tight jaw will keep you in control of yourself while relaxed jaw helps you to be submissive and surrender.
  6. Now slowly start swinging your body feeling the sweet orgasm and start enjoying sensuality with your body movements.
  7. Let your eyes be either opened or closed. From this state of mind, start touching each other and the touch should be gentle and flowing without disturbing the orgasmic dance.

This massage heals and gives pleasure. However, note that the best source for these twois always correlated to living a healthy lifestyle.

This massage is very beneficial for couples and very healthy before lovemaking.

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