Tantra and Relevance in Today’s Day and Age

In the 21st century, where lives are digitalized and having a conscience is a choice, very less thought is given to the overall well-being of the mind and body. Mental health issues and their pharmaceutical solutions aside, no importance is given to the spiritual healing or cleansing as a solution to the same cognitive problems. Even good health, which is now very costly, does not consider Tantra as an option.

Sadly, in today’s day and age, Tantra still holds the reputation of indulging in sexual practices, unconventional and dodgy methods to ‘widen’ one’s mind. As unpopular as it is in its birth land, India, it is equally, or even more popular in the Western countries.

Tantra is a science and a discipline. Tantra is the theological and spiritual sister of commercial urbanisation, and once you become privy to the underlying principles of Tantra, you will wonder why you ever bought into these millennial techniques. The main goal or purpose of Tantra is to align the centres or chakras in the body through meditation, yoga, sexual intercourse, among many other methods to facilitate spiritual ascendancy. These ancient traditions that seek to make an individual feel ‘one with the Divine within’ actually attempt to increase awareness and consciousness of the mind in all of its states.  This can be done through controlled breathing. Focusing on one’s breathing and doing it correctly can result in better oxygen supply to the brain, thereby reducing anxiety attacks, depression, chronic mental illnesses, and so many other mental health problems.

When it comes to lovemaking, Tantra helps increase your sexual prowess and connect to your partner on another level, a must in today’s day and age, where most marriages end in a divorce, and the root cause is feeling misunderstood by, or distant from, your partner. Tantra as a spiritual religion, has, since time immemorial, emphasised on the importance of sexual energy and its correct utilisation as it forms an integral part of the life force energy that Tantra ultimately seeks to align in an individual.

Tantra comes from the traditional rituals of the Vedas, with the prominent influence of Hinduism and Buddhism. A first step to realizing the relevance of Tantra in today’s day and age is to know its history, treat it with reverence and respect and the positive results it can bring naturally.

Tantra is a practice that is thousands of years old and carries with it the heritage of India in its sacred scriptures, agamas, and other texts. Most of the physiological problems faced by millennials today can be solved by disconnecting with their technology and taking a look within through Tantra. Today’s fast metro life is so hectic, that there is no time to savour a meal or enjoy lovemaking.

Earlier, when our schedules were comparatively lax, and technology wasn’t such a big part of our lives, everything we did was orgasmic. Eating was orgasmic, sex was orgasmic. Tantra is a practice that holds the capacity to make everything orgasmic again. It holds the power to transform those who are depressed and defeated in life. Tantra breathes life and mindfulness into everything we do and reiterates the need to awaken our senses to a higher level of consciousness. It re-energizes and rejuvenates the body, freshens and awakens the mind and contributes to the overall cleansing of the human spirit. Tantra is an ancient, enigmatic spiritual practice used for the purpose of achieving cosmic enlightenment.

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