Tantra Massage, Types of Tantra Massage and its Importance

Types of Tantra Massage

Ordinary massage as we know relieves us of our aches and pains. It is wonderful to have another person knead our muscles and fascia and relieve stress.  Tantric massage is not only about relieving aches and stress but for holistic purpose of healing and wellness in every aspect of your being. Our body has a Tantric concept of Shakti is incorporated into conventional massage for Tantra massage. There may or may not be genital touching depending on the type of Tantric massage. The principal behind Tantric massage is one of surrender. Both the giver and the recipient must surrender into the process. It helps in relieving blockages of different kinds be it mental, physical, emotional or spiritual.Within us we are habituated in carrying so many traumas and pre conceived notions around our genitals and our sexuality, that it often brings us negativity. So the main purpose of tantra massage is to heal that trauma around our sexuality and make harmony within the whole body sothat we can live life in its full potential of Sex and Super consciousness together.

The goal of Tantric massage is to enter into a separate state of consciousness where both the participants feel more energized and blissful.

There are many beautiful Tantra Masters, who are creating very deep and amazing Tantra Massages which are a fusion of ancient Tantra Massage with Conscious touch and healing arts.

Types of Tantra Massage

So Since ancient times, many tantra Schools use Tantra massage to heal the trauma of mankind to around his sexuality. Because that our root energy, only by transforming to this energy we can reach and experience the ultimate experience of Super consciousness.

There are many ancient tantra schools and almost in every tantra schools, there is tantra massage. but there are three Popular Ancient Tantra massages.

  • Taoist Tantra Massage – a massage therapy that originated from Tao. Taoist tantra massage is often compared to tantric meditation that’s is why it was also called Taoist tantric massage. And even if this type of massage is considered as a form of ancient massage practices, teaching and practicing Taoist tantra massage was uncommon. Even in the place where it originated, there are only few counted individuals who know how to execute the procedure. Taoist tantra massage helps in restoring the good flow of life energy all throughout the body.
  • Kashmiri Tantra Massage – this is a type of tantra massage that flourished from Kashmir Shaivism. The goal of this massage is to replenish the different chakra points of the body. Compared to other types of tantric massages, Kashmiri tantra massage was a bit more intense resulting to more powerful flow of life energy in the body. The physical, mental, and spiritual pleasure brought by this type of tantra massage was exceptional and it also share how the meditation method of Shiva-Shakti was executed.

Tandava Tantra Massage – the tandayatantra massage is a sensual full-body massage based on Ayurvedic principles. It offers a profound formula for experiencing oneness, with yourself and with the other. The body merges with time and space. The massage brings in-depth contact with one’s own body as a connecting and erotic journey on a stream of delayed and intense touches. A great way to release everyday stress, relax muscles and experience an intense feeling of happiness. The effect of the tandava massage is a comprehensive totality, but it is not aimed at achieving sexual stimulation. It is aimed at achieving deep relaxation, healing and experiencing the body’s life energy.

Some of them are My Favorite, Which I also share during my private session

  • Conscious Sensuality by Robert Sibler
  • Inner Alchemy by Sarita,Dharamraj and Maria
  • Tantra Nectar Touch by Satyarthi Prateek (Me)

What are the benefits?

  • One gets better health, vigor and vitality
  • It is effective as a treatment of sexual dysfunction in men as well as women
  • It serves to open blocked emotions and clean our emotional pathways
  • One receives contentment and joy
  • It may lead to the spark of spiritual awakening
  • The mind becomes clearer and stress is greatly reduced
  • Makes one relax to the heart’s content

Steps of tantric massage

  1. Communication – Take some time to discuss with each other your fears, boundaries and anxieties. Make sure that your partner understands what you need to resolve before you being the massage. Once the massage begins and the recipient is placed in an altered state of consciousness there cannot be any changes about the end goals of the massage.
  2. Time – it is important to set a limit for duration of the massage. This helps to determine how far the recipient will travel on their journey to find themselves.
  3. Giving vs Receiving – Decide whether you wish to give or receive. It may also be both.
  4. Preparing the space –Create a suitable ambience with soft lights, aroma, soft light and a temperature that is suitable to wearing minimal amount of clothing.

Role of the receiver

The receiver must breathe slowly and deeply with their abdomen. Exhale with the mouth as this would awaken your consciousness and make your experience many times more enjoyable.

If a particular touch does not seem soothing, breathe in and relax and try and find if it can be made more pleasant by dropping all obstructions. But if it is not happening do not hesitate to let your partner know.

Be flexible and do not become stiff. Make sounds if needed since this is a way of letting your partner know if you are feeling better.

Role of the giver

Use your heart and feel the connection with the receiver. Breathe in love from the receiver through your left hand and channel it through your heart. Next breathe it out through your right hand and into the receiver. This sets up a loop of energy that travels back and forth.

Imagine in your mind that the body is new to you and massaging is like exploring an unknown country. Instead of seeing limbs and torso and skin and bones see curves and shadows, light playing between shapes. Let your touch be a nurturing one. Let it be full of compassion and love. Make sure to touch every chakra.

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