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Certified Practitioner Training Of Kashmiri Tantra Massage


Certified Practitioner Training of Kashmiri Tantra Massage

(100 Hours Intensive Journey of Massage & Meditation)

1.50 Hours of Learning and Practice during Training
2.50 Hours of Practical and Homework after Training.


The most ancient Tantric sacred writings are known no less than 5,500 years of age in their oral structure. However, were not recorded until the seventh century of our period.

These holy compositions are called Vigyan Bhairav Tantra and are as an exchange between the Lord Shiva, the representation par excellence of male vivacity, and the goddess Shakti, the dynamic female energy which guarantees the vibrations of the universe.

Kashmir Tantrik Shivaism

Kashmir Tantrik Shivaism, the practice of meditation is basically damaging in nature – that is, it enables you to strip away all of your bogus and limited thoughts about what you are, uncovering your true nature, the core of being that is all you have ever been. If these bogus mental construct about ourselves are first destabilized and then broken down, the heart will stand revealed in its totality. This can be troublesome, even sparingly difficult as it includes surrendering the mental self- portraits where a lot of energy has been invested. However, it will result in an a lot more prominent intimacy of the real world and therefore, a far vaster joy in being.


Kashmiri Tantra Massage is a wonderful ritual, not only inspiring but also bringing deep feelings of relaxation. It is a deep, sensual massage ritual from Kashmir, a mystical part of Northern India, where Kashmiri Tantra masters used this technique to heal the body, mind and soul.  It is also called the Shiva-Shakti Massage or as some scriptures mention, the Kashmiri Tandawa Massage.

The concept is called the Shiva Shakti Massage based on Meditation given by Lord Shiva.

Massage Covers Most Body Parts

The massage is done by various parts of the body from the start. The positions are a kind of stretching from spine to hips. It is not exhausting at all since the stretches make you relaxed.

This massage is more intense than other types of massage as it strongly activates a flow of energy through specific body position (asana).  This is not just a massage but a conscious embodied spiritual practice.

Cleanses The CHAKRAS

It combines heart, body and spirit, and activates and cleanses the chakras. Kashmiri Tantra Masters, use this massage rituals to heal the body, mind and soul. It gives the opportunity for the receiver to experience the fusion of his or her inner child and sexually mature adult at the same time.

The body of a recipient is cushioned by pads so the spine is relaxed in each position. We use positions on a hip, legs around the partner’s chest, twisting and others. This contains an intensive massage of sitting bones, hips and spots you can never reach through classical massage techniques.

Kashmiri Tantric for Couple

The Couple version of this massage can likewise be an inspiration for a couple’s love life. It’s highly recommended to couples. The Kashmiri Tantric Massage is superb foreplay to love-making for any pair. It can re-establish vitality in a relationship and arouse anybody. The motivation itself is to acknowledge the uniqueness of the Tantric Massage, so we healthily prescribe to give it a try.

However, in This Course, we are not teaching the couple version of this massage. For that you can come with your partner to our Tantra Nectar Couple Retreat in Bali.

Reclaim your Body

In Tantra, the human body is viewed as a sanctuary, worthy of worship, holy appreciation, and deep pleasure beyond imagination. Kashmiri Tantra Massage is additionally a passage to reclaiming our bodies from disgrace. As we incorporate the whole body in this cherishing understanding of touch, we reconnect our whole self. As we get this touch, we discharge layers of disgrace we bear around our body appearance and our actual sexual nature.

The Kashmiri Tandava massage is one of the core apparatuses in the artistry that is the Kashmiri Shaivism heredity of Tantra. This nature of touch reconnects the whole active body to the sexual core and reconnects the whole physical body as one whole, without disgrace or judgment.

Three Stages of LIFE

Our life can be divided into three stages:

1.Our inner child

2.Our inner youth

3.Our adulthood

These are the three aspects of our existence and there is no harmony between them. On the contrary, they keep fighting with each other and remain in a web of internal conflict, always.

The reasons for this inner conflict are, the pressures that our society and culture have burdened us with and the lack of understanding of one’s own self. We are alarmed, scared, dissatisfied and always missing something but most of us don’t know what it is.

Ritual Massage

The Kashmiri Tantric Masters created this massage ritual to restore the connections between all the different components of our life. They also believed in the purification of Karma. This massage has proven effective to release all Karmic imprints and free you from the Karmic chain.

Kashmir Tantric Massage consists of providing a nurturing touch to the whole-body including genitals. This massage intensively stimulates the flow of energy through certain body positions or Asanas. This is not just a massage but a conscious spiritual practice.

Deep Healing and Relaxation

Every session of the Kashmiri Tantric Massage provides deep healing and relaxation. It removes all the blocks and clamps in the body. It is important that one begins this process with a complete sense of trust and security.

Lying exposed, being touched all over our body enables us to rediscover the guiltlessness that was our own before adolescence, the honesty of youth and the glad days spent investigating our feeling of touch. We feel alive! Tantra is like unwinding in the present, where we are a clear page and we rediscover our sense like a child.

Deep Connection with Body

In this Massage, the whole body gets touched in a sensual way, without staying longer at one part of the body. You will experience a deep connection with yourself and open up for the inner, sensual flow of life energy. Kashmiri Tantra Massage can be extremely healing and is very powerful and sensual. It is very helpful to heal the all sexual traumas especially from childhood and your young age.


1.At the end of this program, each participant will receive a certificate and all the skills needed for delivering a two-hour professional Tantra Massage.

2.Each participant also gets the course book for practice and understand the message. It’s a professional massage course, so dedication is of utmost importance. You will get the universal key to relaxation, not only to the body but also to the soul.

Five Days Course

1.It is necessary to complete the entire five-day course to give yourself the magical transformation of the Tantra lineage. Here’s what you get to take away at the end of it:

2.During this massage practice, there will be delicate touching of the whole body including the genitals (without an emphasis on sexuality).

3.If you want to give this massage professionally, we will provide you with a complete road map for the same.

Spiritual journey of ancient Tantra

1.This is not only a massage course, but also a spiritual journey of ancient Tantra. Come, learn to feel, use and channel energy in your body. Kashmiri Tantra massage involves spiritual learnings, mind opening transformations and life changing connection with people at the deepest level.

2.During this course you will experience introductory tantric meditations. You will learn how to clearly communicate needs and boundaries, how to circulate energy in shiva-shakti breathing, how to tune in with a partner on all levels as well as preparing your body and mind for new experiences. So I’d like to invite all of you to jump at this chance to enjoy the sensual dance of shiva and shakti.

3.Please note that you do not have to be an advanced tantric or tantrica or a massage practitioner to take part in this workshop. However, due to the level of intimacy during the massage, we recommend it especially for couples and experienced people.

4.You can come with your massage partner (gender doesn’t matter) or come as a single.

5.If you’re a single participant, we will help to pair you up. Please be mindful that it is a professional course and you have to be ready to work with other participants.

Not necessary to Nude

1.The massage is requested to be for the full body and nude. However you are welcome to modify it to your comfort and ease. But since it is a professional course, you have to learn it the way we are sharing this massage.

2.There is nudity during classes. However, there is no sex during classes.

3.Everyone individually decides about one’s intimacy engagement in this experience.

4.This massage needs some special kind of physical strangeness in the body. So before you sign up for this course, be sure about your physical endurance. It’s a 120 minutes massage on the floor, so a healthy back and legs are a must.

5.This course is inspired from a lineage of shiva-shakti traditions. We are sharing the true lineage of shiva-shakti massage or Kashmiri Tantra massage without any modification. There are some different versions of this massage which are taught by other teachers. But, in the Tantra nectar massage academy, we share the most pure quality of it.

Professional Massage Course

1.This being a professional course, we teach participants the version of this massage which you can share with your friends or give a professional session to your clients. But there is also a couple version of this massage which is very beneficial for couples. It helps them to go deep in there love life just like we do in our Tantra nectar retreat for couples.

2.Couples are welcome to join this. We will help them and guide them to increase the love in their This practice is effective for those who want to have a better understanding of their partner.


– It gives you clarity and a pure understanding of Tantra with very deep experience of meditation and healing. So this workshop is not only for those who wants to become a Tantra masseur. It is for everyone. This workshop is like a deep sea diving journey in tantric healing.

– It not only makes you accept yourself the way you are but also makes you fall in love with yourself.

– It teaches you the practicalities and importance of Tantra massage with all the intricate details.

Get Deeper Knowledge

– It gives you deeper knowledge of the wheel of consent, communication tools to avoid the confusion and creating a safe space.  This way you will feel safe and learn to enjoy pleasure without the fear of unpleasant situations.

– It imparts knowledge about Kashmiri Tantra massage with the Tantra nectar touch. This will help you to practice it professionally and work as a Tantra masseur.

Restore Shiva and Shakti’s Energy

– It restores the Shiva & Shakti energy within you as well as restores your inner child.

– It trains you in a manner that makes you capable of becoming a successful Tantra masseur.

– A unique massage ritual celebrating a divinity of a woman and a man

– Deep healing and relaxation through opening a body for more pleasure.

– New massage modality to offer to your clients if you are a professional masseur or want to become one.

– You can give a 2 hour professional Tantra massage with ease after the completion of this training workshop. You will receive certification which can be used for your work.

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