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Certified Practitioner Training Of Tantra Nectar Touch


Certified Practitioner Training of Tantra Nectar Touch

(500 Hours Intensive Journey of Massage & Meditation)

300 Hours of Learning and Practice during Training

200 Hours of Practical Homework after Training


Tantra nectar touch massage is a diploma course of 500 hours of an intensive journey of massage and meditation which will get completed in the time period of one year.

We are covering 250 hours of learning and practicing during the course and the other 250 hours will be of practical homework after the training.

Not a Regular Massage

Tantra Nectar Touch Massage is not a regular massage or like any other healing techniques. It is a blooming journey of Meditation and Massages through various healing arts.
Satyarthi developed this massage based on his experience of the last 15 years from intuitive touch, professional learning of various massages and in-depth understanding of the body, mind and soul.

Path of Love and Devotion

Tantra nectar touch massage is a path of love and devotion. It is an act of prayer and gratitude. It teaches, how to make massage as your prayer.
Tantra nectar touch massage is a delicious smoothie of many different healing arts where several meditative bodywork techniques, energetic healing techniques, and Tantra massages of ancient India and china merges with the depth of eastern spiritual science and western medical science for a complete holistic healing.

Experienced Healing Master

Satyarthi has more than 15 years of experience in healing arts. He spent many years in learning and mastering different massage practices and healing arts till he finally found this great recipe of complete holistic healing. His discovery is an extraordinary fusion of meditation and massage.
Tantra nectar touch massage is unique in itself because this is the only massage which absorbs all three approaches of healing arts.
In the world of holistic healing arts, there are three approaches.
The first one is
Meditative bodywork
The second one is
Tantra massage
The third one is
Energy work

A complete Holistic Healing

So, for complete holistic healing, one needs to receive all the approaches in a way that all three approaches complement each other. So, in Tantra nectar touch massage, all three approaches are merging and evolving with each other for complete holistic healing. In this way, we can also touch the deepest core of a human being.
It’s a journey of the balancing of the body, mind and soul.

Pure Tantra Nectar Touch Massage

Tantra nectar touch massage is very close to Satyarthi’s heart because he invented it, created it and developed it. This massage is growing with him on his path of searching for the truth and is still building up every day with his daily life experiences.
This course is unique in its way because this is the only course on earth which is covering all three aspects of healing arts widely.


1.This massage has three levels. In one year, all the three levels of massage can be completed. Every level includes all three approaches like meditative bodywork, energy work and Tantra massage.

2.After every level, a participant needs to complete 20 donation sessions and 20 paid sessions. He also needs to practice one meditation of that particular level at least for 21 days.

Must Do Homework

3.It is compulsory to practice this homework to enter into the next level. To complete the homework it will take 75- 80 hours of active practice and it’s very important to go deep in this path.
4.This course is designed in a way that after completing every level, a participant can provide three different kinds of massages in a session. One massage is from each of these three approaches.

Next Level of Massage Session

5.After completing all 3 levels, each participant can give 9 types of different massage session which could last from 90 minutes to 120 minutes. For example:-Type of meditative bodywork massage sessions with three types of energy work healing sessions and three type of Tantra massage sessions. The most important thing is to get the ability to mix it and play with it, according to the requirement of the clients.

6.This course is gives professional training, so commitment and dedication are required. Nudity and genital touch is part of the training. So, it’s essential that as a participant you allow yourself to go beyond your limits and boundaries and be ready to work with other participants. But if you find any difficulties, then Satyarthi and the whole team is there to hold a space for you and to support you to go deeper in the process. At any point of time during the training, if it is too much for you, then it is ultimately your freedom to choose what is best for you which is completely fine and ok. Nobody will judge you, and we all will respect your decision.

7.Tantra nectar touch massage covers broad aspects of meditative bodywork, energy work and Tantra massages. As Satyarthi believes– massage is like an ocean the more you learn, the more you understand there is much more left. So, after completing all three levels, if you feel that there’s more to discover, then you can connect with Satyarthi personally, and he will guide you about other techniques and schools.

Learn Everything Like a Professional

8.During the training, we cover all practical and professional aspects of a professional massage setting, so as a participant you can establish yourself as a professional masseur.Every day we start with a meditation practice and end with a meditation practice. It is not only a traditional massage course but a complete healing process.The second and three levels are only for those participants who have completed level 1 with us.


Level 1

The First Module – 100 Hours of Professional Tantra Massage Training 

(100 Hours of Learning and Practice during Training)

(70 Hours of Practical and Homework after Training)

Part – 1
–    Understanding of the Conscious Touch
–    Three Layers of Tantra Touch © Invented and Developed by Satyarthi Prateek
–    Meditative Bodywork (The First Chapter)


Part -2

–    Energy Work and Reiki (The First Chapter)

Part – 3

–    The Tantra Path (The First Chapter)

1.The Magic of a Caressing Touch

2.Ayurvedic Tantra Yogic Massage with Tantra Nectar Touch

3.Tantric Yogic Stretching

Part – 4

–    Meditation of the First Chapter

Level 2

The Second Module – 100 Hours of Professional Tantra Massage Training

(100 Hours of Learning and Practice during Training)

(70 Hours of Practical and Homework after Training)

Part – 1

–    Meditative Bodywork (The Second Chapter)

1.Q & A of Level One + Homework Discussion of Level 1

2.Basic Anatomy of the Body

3.Physiotherapy, Rolfing Technique and Myofascial release

4.Rebalancing and Deep Tissue Work

5.The depth of Shoulder & Neck work

6.Completion of Front Body

7.Self-Healing and Taking care of Your Body

Part – 2

–    Energy Work (The Second Chapter)

1.Tantric Chakra Journey

2.Tantric Chakra Healing Massage

Part – 3

–    The Tantra Path (The Second Chapter)

1.Shiatsu and Marma

2.Inner Alchemy with Tantra Nectar Touch

3.Art of Genital Touch without Penetrative Touch

4.Lingam and Yoni Worship

5.Energetic Healing of Lingam and Yoni

Part – 4

–    Meditation of the Second Chapter

Level 3

The Third Module – 100 Hours of Professional Tantra Massage Training

(100 Hours of Learning and Practice during Training)

(70 Hours of Practical and Homework after Training)

Part 1

–    Meditative Bodywork (The Third Chapter)

1.Q & A of Level One + Homework Discussion of Level 1 & 2

2.Deeper Understanding and practice of Strokes of Level 1 & 2

Part 2

–    Energy Work (The Third Chapter)

1.Auric Healing

2.Pranic Healing

Part 3

–    The Tantra Path (The Third Chapter)

1.Lomi Lomi Nui Massage with Tantra Nectar Touch

2.Basic Anatomy of the Penis and Vagina

3.Conscious Sensuality with Tantra Nectar Touch

4.In-Depth Understanding and Practice of Lingam Healing

5.In-Depth Understanding and Practice of Yoni Healing with Penetrative Touch

Part 4

–    Unlearning – The Secret of Everything

1.Learn the art of Fusion, Intuition and Spontaneity

2.Forget the Technique

3.Be Free from Structure

5.Awaking your Inner Healer – Be the Master Masseur


– After completion of every level, you have homework of giving 20 donation session and 20 paid sessions with the practice of 21 days of a particular meditation. It will help you to grow and be a better healer, a better person and also create a grounding for the next training.

– In every level, we cover different, unusual kinds of techniques, and they are equally critical and helpful to receive the complete transmission of this Journey of the Tantra Nectar Touch Massage.

Ultimate art of Massage

– In Level 3, we cover the most critically important part, and this is the time of unlearning. The Ultimate art of Massage and healing is when there is no technique left. There is no session giver; there is no receiver. Only the dance of existence remains, and you are just a watcher who enjoyed this dance of healing.

-Then you can have the confidence along with your inner intuition to merge and play with it.


1.Complete understanding with an extensive knowledge and practical practice of the Healing Arts World.

2.This course gives you crystal clarity about Tantra. It helps you to grow in your meditation journey.

3.This course gives you a better understanding of your body and the freedom to accept it.

4.After completing every module, every participant will get a course book and a certificate according to the level.

Overcome The Sexual Shame

1.It helps to heal your sexual traumas and sexual shame.

2.It helps to uncover your inner healer and prepares you to be a master masseur.

3.It reduces stress while promoting relaxation.

4.It helps you feel empowered and emanate self-confidence by redefining how you give and get pleasure, and perceive how it impacts your erotic nature.

5.It helps you to enable yourself to encounter significant, vulnerable intimacy and soul-shaking lovemaking.

6.It helps you to play with a tools compartment of self-massage ways to find the full range of your stunning orgasms.

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