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Tantra is an ancient eastern practice. It is a powerful combination of Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, Mudra, Bandha (energy castle), Chakra (energy centres) & Meditations.

It is the most natural and profound way to achieve super consciousness. Tantra Nectar is nothing but “The Amrita of Tantra”, which comes after studying and practicing the age-old Tantra Practices.

Energy of Tantra Nectar

Those who attend our workshops and seminar have already experienced the power of this Tantra Nectar. It is our dream and aim to share the Tantra Nectar energy within our Tantra Meditation Retreats, Tantra retreat for singles, Tantra retreat for couples & Intimacy retreats for singles.

These retreats will help us contain the whole energy, making it so dense that it will result in the creation of a Buddha-field. This energy can be absorbed by each participant irrespective of them having a meditation background or not. Tantra retreat for singles, Tantra retreat for couples & Intimacy retreats for singles ensures that everyone gets in touch with their inner self enabling them to obtain the nectar out of it.

Emerge Yourself with Tantra Meditation

In most of the Tantra Meditation Retreats, every teacher or master focuses on individuality to duality. In simple words, their focus is on to give you a taste of oneself and merging it with your partner that can awaken your sense and your root chakra energy, but they often forget about Non-Duality.

In that case, it’s not the complete understanding of Tantra.
The real goal of Tantra is to take you to Non-duality. So the path drawn out for you is individuality to duality to non-duality… where there is no body, no mind, no polarities. Everything merges into a pure ocean of consciousness.

So our focus for this Tantra Meditation Retreat is to give you the real Taste of Tantra where you have reached the state of non-duality.



To make our dream turn into a reality, we take pride in bringing to you our very first Tantra retreat in Thailand. Chiang Mai city in Thailand being a mystic land of healings and meditation is an ideal location for our Tantra Nectar retreat.

Those attending our Tantra retreat in Chiang Mai will not only obtain the Tantra Nectar but will get the opportunity to get a taste of our Tantra Trinity.

Tantra Retreat in Thailand

Satyarthi Prateek will be teaching several tools of healing, meditation and Tantra to the participants of our Tantra retreat in Thailand.

These learnings can change your life. The tools you learn here can be practiced even after the retreat for your well-being.


Satyarthi Prateek has an Indian background and will share the essence of Ancient Yoga, Meditation, Mantra & Tantra with love and warmth of India with those who attend the Tantra retreat in Thailand.

Aware of Yourself

With other teachers like him attending our Tantra retreat in Thailand, attendees will surely be able to become aware of themselves internally as well as externally and obtain the Nectar out of Tantra.


Here’s what you will gain from our Tantra retreat in Chiang Mai.

– As mentioned above, we will creating a Buddha field. This field will ensure that the energy stays within the space enabling you to become the best version yourself. At the end of it, you’ll go back to your lives truly being your best version.

Enlighten your Senses

– The retreat is the best way to awaken your senses. It makes you feel alive again.

– You learn how to rise in love. It makes you fall in love with yourself as well as your partner making it a best pick in Tantra retreat for couples.

– It brings you closer to your body. What it feels within will be understood better when you attend this retreat. It will also help you understand the feelings your body has towards your partner.

Break The Routine Life

– The retreat helps you break away from your monotonous life and routine. It will bring back the playfulness and creativity in your Life.

– You not only will become more energetic but also more orgasmic in giving and receiving love.

– Our Tantra retreat in Thailand will help you break free from sexual shame and conditioning placed by the society.
– It balances the Chakra system and clears the energy blockages.

– It restores the Shiva & Shakti energy inside of you.

– It teaches you so many tools which you can bring in your daily life to live life at its full potential.

See New Dimension

– The Tantra Touch and Massage is the Part of the Training which opens a new dimension in your love life.

– Our Tantra retreat in Thailand will most importantly transform the quality of making love with your partner.
This Tantra retreat is the perfect Tantra retreat for singles, Tantra retreat for couples & Intimacy retreats for singles.



Here are the topics that will be dealt with in our 8 day Tantra retreat in Thailand.

The chakra system is made of seven energy centers located along the spine and ending in the brain.

Our Tantra retreat in Chiang Mai will help you to activate and balance all 7 chakras.

– Works on the Energy Blockages

We will find out the blockages that are causing difficulties in our energy centres. These energy centres are nothing but the 7 Chakras and are responsible for delivering energy into the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

– Re-Awakening of 5 senses

Most of us are using our five senses to perceive what we need or want from the world. Our retreat in Thailand will help you to perceive the world in its true sense.- Introduction of Tantra Asana, Pranayama, Mantra and Bandha
The Tantra Asana will inspire you and help you understand lifestyle benefits for each Pranayama. It will make you aware of it using a specific series of mantras and bandhas.

– The Tantra Way of Breathing

Breathing right is the key to a fulfilling life. The Tantra way of breathing ensures that you do it perfectly. This way of breathing is limited to the upper part of the chest meaning we breathe only at the level of the thorax and clavicles.

– Importance of Self-love with Practical Exercises

Self-Love is most important to live a tantric life and obtain the nectar of Tantra. The workshop will have a number of exercises to fall in love with yourself just the way you are.

– Deeper understanding of the true meaning of Shiva Shakti expression with ancient knowledge of Shivaism. Find both the Shiva & Shakti energies within you. Awakening of Inner Shiva and Shakti with help Of Outer Male -Female Polarities.

– Understanding the path of Krishna Way of Tantra.

– Bringing back the essence of the eastern Tantra with the historical insight of Tantra lineages.

– Meditations from Vigyan Bhairav Tantra , Tantra Loka by Abhinav Gupta & Taoist Tantra.

– Initiation in Mystic Tantra Touch.

– Introduction of Mystic Tantra Massage

This is an exquisite opportunity to experience and learn the most profound Tantra massages that one could.



– 8 Night stay

– 3 Vegetarian vegan meals + Evening Tea and snacks

– Extras to book – Private coaching with Teachers

– Private Bodywork Sessions with certified practitioner of Alchemy of Touch

Our Tantra retreat in Chiang Mai will enable participants to learn both theoretical and practical elements to understand how to use sexuality as a spiritual path.

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