Tantra Sacred Sexuality: All About Relationship and Sexuality

Tantra Sacred Sexuality

The ecstasies, drama, and traumas about orgasm, love, and sex have been filled in a lot of book pages, an infinite number of songs, and sparked the reams of poetry. The film plots are usually based on these subject and clad women adorn the covers of most magazines.

The Devotion of Pagan Festival to Sex

During the pagan Rome, a festival is devoted to the joy of orgasmic fulfillment. During the festival, teenage boys would pick a name from the urn, afterward the two would spend about 3 days to explore the joy of sexual union.

After 3 days, they could decide if they want to spend 1 year of their lives together. If the both of them felt good together after a year, the both of them could consider having a marriage. Different popes had worked very hard to transform the festival into what we know as the St. Valentine’s Day. The popes took them about 200 years to change it as the local people were attached to their sexual initiation festival.

Interesting Things about Accelerated Learning

Accelerated Learning Method has been found that if sex is mentioned, it would immediately awaken the senses, which in turn sparks our brain to work more alert, active, and receptive to the subject. In the accelerated methodology, the person would be taught for about 20 minutes while using all five senses in the learning process.

This would then be followed by a joke, which enlivens and help the students absorb the things they learned faster. The student would then lay down and listens to some baroque music within the span of 20 minutes. This would send all the things that the student has learned into the brain’s part deeply. Following this certain kind of protocol can make a person learn three times faster.

It is very normal for people that even the thoughts of sex could initiate all your bodily functions. Your brain’s glandular system can rule over our genital’s response. With this fact, it means that when there’s a sexual thought or fantasy, all your body systems would be awakened.

These responses can help make a person feel more alive but of course, this God-given energy can also be used in a negative or positive way. Porn is a very good example of the negative way of using sexual energy. As for tantric practices, it is a good example of life and acreative positive use of the energy.

The Sexual Biology in Men and Women

According to some studies that were done on human biology, our body’s sexual responses are connected differently in heterosexual people, and it is crucial for us to understand these differences for sexual fulfillment.


  • Enjoys sexual intercourse with the emotion of love for recreational activity
  • Enjoys a sexual activity that is bonded with love and intimacy
  • Have sexual fantasies twice in an hour
  • Takes about 3 minutes to move on from a flaccid to full erection state and ready for ejaculation
  • Undress a woman in his mind because his brain is connected to desire, which is to see a woman’s body part to stimulate his sex hormones
  • Would be aroused by a woman who has a hip and waist ratio of 0.7 as it indicates fertility
  • Needs to rest after one ejaculation to recharge because he released about 500 million sperms
  • The levels of testosterone gradually lessen with age, therefore his ability to engage sexually and get erections to diminish as well, unless, he practices Tantra to conserve semen
  • Is basically ready for the sexual union as he’s visually based, and just by seeing an attractive woman immediately revs him up and ready for sex
  • Has the tendency to experience a genital orgasm, and if he learns to practice the Tantra methodology, he can develop the ability to have a full body orgasm with or without the help of ejaculation


  • Cannot remove sex from love
  • Thinks about the sexual union and romantic love at least once per hour
  • Always yearns to bond with intimacy, heart, soul, and body deeply with her partner
  • Needs to have a spiritual and emotional connection with their partner to feel sexual fulfillment
  • Can get obsessed with her partner’s sperm as it has a bit of anti-depressant chemical, which makes her feel high. This would come with an attachment to her partner and adapts to her partner’s being mental, emotionally, and physically
  • Usually needs about 3 to 4 orgasms before she gets satisfied sexually
  • Needs about 20 minutes of romantic and romantic play before penetration, this is so that her clitoral network gets aroused enough to accept her partner’s lingam
  • After having an orgasm, she would still be on an orgasmic plateau for about 20 minutes and would be ready to have more orgasms
  • When health is maintained, she can still have multiple orgasms even at the age of 90
  • Able to experience various kinds of orgasmic pleasure, including G-spot orgasm, localized clitoral orgasm, chain orgasm, multiple orgasm, Amrita, full body orgasm, and cervical orgasm
  • The desire for climaxwould be ruled by the moon cycle making her attracted to sexual intercourse for various reasons and at different days of the month

Finding the Sexual Harmony between Men and Women

Is it actually possible to achieve sexual harmony between the differences between men and women? There’s no use about berating how our sexual chemistry and bodies are designed, but what we can do is understand differences and intelligently work with those differences. Here are some tips that you can follow in discovering the right way for a healthy heterosexual relationship:

For Men

Approach sex with your partner as for how you would approach a refined musical instrument. Tune it by carefully listening to its sounds, and find the exact toning of the instrument before playing music. In a simple language, start with an erotic and romantic play before you move into penetration. A woman would profoundly response to your presence.

For Women

Adore your partner’s lingam as a kind of God in a sense that as you touch his genitals, make it seem like you’re in prayer. When he feels like you’re worshipping his ability for procreation, his heart would automatically open up for you. When you’ve worshipped his lingam, you might want to expand his devotional and erotic energy all over his body with a massage. Admire his chest, scent, and muscles.

However, do not chase him as it’s their nature to let women chase them. Let him know with subtle signs of your body language that his charms don’t affect you. Keep him close by doing seductive and alluring ways without making him feel overwhelmed.

Final Thoughts

The methods of the Sacred Sexuality of tantra are an amazing way of opening up your human potential fully. There’s a saying in Tantra that when you travel the path as a couple, it would be the fastest way of enlightenment, but would still feel like you’re both walking at the edge of a razor.

Relationships take patience, love, and great awareness to successfully walk on the path of Tantra as a couple.

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