Tantra Techniques for Premature Ejaculation

Many men suffer silently from the traumatic effects of premature ejaculation. This common ailment has damaging physical and psychological effects. It reduces your confidence and denies you and your partner of lasting and gratifying lovemaking pleasure. Masturbation is one of the causes of premature ejaculation. Since our childhood, we have been conditioned to think that masturbation is good. But in reality, excessive masturbation weakens the PC Muscles. The PC muscle is the muscle which is near the pubic bone which supports the pelvic organs.

There are 3 main ways of controlling pre mature ejaculation: The Medical Method, the Taoist Yoga method and the Tantra method.

  1. The Medical Method:

The Medical Science promotes Kegels Exercise. Kegels exercise is practiced in a very simple manner. When you are peeing, you need hold on to your pee for a few seconds. The muscles which control the flow of your urine get exercised and these are what we refer to as PC muscles. Initially, you may find it difficult to breathe while you are exercising these muscles. But over a period of time, you will find yourself to be more comfortable while doing Kegels exercise. Remember to not squeeze your abdomen or buttocks. Start this exercise with a frequency of twice a day and slowly and steadily increase the frequency to ten times a day. Concentrate on your breathing while doing this.

Kegel exercise strengthens pelvic floor muscles. This is good for vitality and improved health. It helps you relax, increase blood flow and escalates mental arousal. When you do consistent Kegel exercise, your pelvic muscle becomes strengthened. This helps with prolonged sessions and immaculate orgasms. The good thing is that performing a Kegel exercise is simpler than you think. All you need is about 3 to 5 minutes a day.

  1. Taoist Yoga:

Taoist Gurus believe and promote that the perineum plays an important role in controlling premature ejaculation. Perineum is located between the anus and scrotum. When you press this point with the index finger and the middle finger of your left hand with firm pressure along with concentrating on your breathing rhythm, then this can help substantially to control premature ejaculation. If you are pressing the correct spot, you will notice a small indentation at the perineum. This is an important point which is also referred to as the multi dollar point. When this point is pushed and pressed correctly, it will give more pleasure to the person as it released more blood into the penis. Once needs to start these exercises when he is near to ejaculation. The pressure should be firm enough to stop ejaculation. This helps substantially to elongate the performance and to stop premature ejaculation in men.

  1. The Tantra Method:

The word Bandh originated from Sanskrit dialect which means to lock. They are the yoga procedures that restrict the pranic control so our vitality do not escape and the energy in the body could be used to keep up the ideal elements of the organs, frameworks and the body. There are fundamentally three kinds of bandhs i.e. mool bandh, uddiyan bandh and jalandhar bandh which are connected exclusively or in blends with the yogabhyas. The three bandhs can be connected together shaping the maha bandh. For a newbie bandhs could be adapted independently and later they could be fused with the required asanas for more profound practices.

  1. Mool bandh: The word mool means “base” and bandh means “lock”. Mool bandh means to lock the anus which is the base of the chakras to that the energy does not flow outwards.
  2. Uddiyan bandh: Uddiyan represents “flying up”. Uddiyan bandh is at the navel which will ensure that the energy flow only in the upward direction of the body.
  3. Jalandhar bandh: Jalandhar literally means the “water bearer”. This bandh is practised by restricting the chin against the throat near the supraclavicular fossa.
  4. Maha bandh: Maha bandh as the name suggests means the great lock. It can also be called the tri bandh. Actually, it is not a different type of bandh as such but it is actually a combination of the 3 bandhs above. When one applied the 3 bandhs together, it results in concentration and good health which ensure that premature ejaculation can be controlled.

Basically, when you lock the energy in your body you will not ejaculate prematurely. Practising bandhs can help one immensely.

Tantra, an ancient practise provides you with a pathway to ultimate pleasure. Every man who wants to put away, permanently, premature ejaculation and unsatisfying lovemaking should seriously consider tantra techniques. Tantra provides healing for the mind, body and soul.

Tantra positions are not different from those of everyday lovemaking or what you will get from Kamasutra. The techniques incorporated into these positions are what make them special. Ever heard of men having pleasurable sessions for up to four hours? Yes, they exist. To learn the secret behind this, we present you with tantra techniques that will make you accomplish stronger lovemaking, have longer and pleasurable time and intenseclimaxes.

  1. Going Slow

Many people just want to jump into lovemaking with the goal of achieving orgasm. With tantric techniques, you need to slow things down. Take it bit by bit. There is a difference in savouring the taste of chocolate and swallowing it immediately.

You and your partner should spend time in undressing. Look into each other’s eyes. Feel the passion and excitement emanating from your partner. Caress their skin slowly and enjoy the feel. Focus on the erogenous zones like the breast, the small of the back, the neck and the thighs. Don’t dwell on them, however, let them long for it. Deny them immediate pleasure. Denial increases the want for something.

When you finally get to the stage of intercourse, you don’t want to be go too fast. Experience each moment, be present and aware, measure your strokes, penetrate and withdraw ever slowly, feel her responses, don’t increase your speed until you orgasm. You will experience the best full body orgasm of your life.

  1. Be Relaxed

In the heat of excitement, it is difficult to relax. Relaxation techniques like yoga and breathing exercises should be practised regularly. When you are relaxed, you feel confident and this will improve your performance. Your relaxed blood vessels allow for the flow of blood into the lingam which will result in stronger erections. Stronger erections are key to achieving long-lasting sessions.

  1. Stay Focused

A wandering mind will decrease the quality of pleasure. There are many things that can pop up when you are having encounters. Emotions and worries about performance, premature ejaculation even work-related issues can disrupt the state of the mind. Prepare your mind before any encounter by exercising.

Having a successful tantric lovemaking session is almost impossible without the mood. Use dim lights or candles and play sensual tantric music.

  1. Tantric Kissing

Do you want to have a memorable sensual experience? Try tantric kissing. The mouth is one of the most erogenous zones of the body. Starting your intimate encounters with kissing spice up the mood and create a platform for lovemaking without limits. Tantric kiss is done slowly, you should have a feel of your partners lips and tongue. Everything should be done gently. Have a little tongue to tongue caress and enjoy the delicious rush of blood downtown.

  1. Feel More

To practise tantra the right way, you must create the right balance for your mind and body. Put your senses to work and feel what is happening inwardly and around you. Detach the mind from thinking but just experience the feeling. This technique is about being conscious while you are performing a task be it lovemaking, eating or any everyday activity.

  1. Show Love

Tantra is about the heart. Love must radiate directly from your heart towards your partner for the best intimacy. You will discover everything gets erotic, better and satisfying. You will find your partner more attractive. You will want to explore part of her. You will want to be patient and painfully delay the moments of penetration. You will want her to be satisfied. Your loving can be so erotic and become more sensually arousing on its own that you will give her endless orgasms.

  1. Push Your Limits

Extended foreplay, longer intercourse and endless orgasms are a combination of the most pleasurable experience. Whatever your state of premature ejaculation, achieving this kind of experience is not beyond reach. Everything starts with you. Yes, you! If you are willing to learn by trying, then you will make it. It’s all about your limits. You need to surpass them patiently. Why the rush? For a complete tantra experience, do not skip any stage. The time you can spend on foreplay, kissing and intercourse are limitless.


Applying these tantra techniques to your life will improve your overall health. These are natural remedies for premature ejaculation. They can also raise energy levels in the body and improve your mood. They are life changing. Their influences will go unnoticed by the people around you. These techniques are as old as the general practice of tantra and have benefited people for generations. Why not you? So, get down to business, a long life full of vitality and satisfaction awaits you.

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