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Tantra Yoga

Tantra Yoga

Tantra Yoga is a combination of asana, mantra, mudra and bandha and chakra that can be used for a blissful life.  This helps one to get in touch with his body and inner energies. Tantra Yoga works on the subtle energies within the body in order to enhance spiritual growth. Also, once you explore these energies you realize their connection to the universe which assists in decoding the purpose of life. One’s connection with another is viewed in a new dimension by an individual. A person who practices Tantra Yoga is able to live with more confidence and contentment.

Tantra Yoga focusses on individuals who are looking to walk the path of salvation. It is able to offer an alternative road to them to attain salvation called as a Sadhana. This is different from the ones mentioned in the Vedas. What’s remarkable about this is the fact that this is accessible to everyone irrespective of their caste, social status, age, gender or sexuality. It’s for householders as well as ascetics.

Learn Balance of  Four Elements

Tantra Yoga employs various rituals to balance human instincts to reach enlightenment.  You learn to practice the balance of earth, water, fire and air the four elements. This is done through Akasha, the fifth element which is the binding force between them all. It is connection to our divine and our soul. Akasha is the source of energy and the balance. This balance is the balance one strives for between Shiva & Shakti, Yin & Yang and Male & Female.

Tantra Yoga is beneficial for couples as well as individuals. Couples are able to connect their souls with their partners making their bond stronger and deepen their connection as well. For individuals, they have a deeper understanding of themselves. They love themselves for who they are. Tantra Yoga ensures that the person is true to themselves and loves themselves just the way they are.

Tantra YOGA for Deep Yourself

So we can say that Tantra Yoga is personally inclusive. It means that those who practice it have to deeply include themselves in the process. While we do so we mainly work on five different bodies. These bodies include physical body, mental body, energetic body, wisdom body and the bliss body. It is believed that these bodies that are buried deep down within one’s self, contains its own strength and weakness. Tantra Yoga helps to become more conscious of them and making us able to control it. It helps us to reach a higher place of awareness and improves not only our self-confidence but also our experience of the world.

Multiple Benefits of TANTRA YOGA

With multiple benefits, Tantra Yoga not only enhances your general state of health but helps with conditions such as stress, anxiety, body stiffness, multiple sclerosis, fatigue and more. This is possible since Tantra Yoga teachings focusses on the connective tissues in the body. It also incorporates acupressure, breath work, rhythmic motion, martial art movements, yoga and palming with thumbing to create a slow flowing dance. This helps release stress and anxiety and increases your vitality and wellbeing. It also improves circulation, increases metabolism, boosts your immune system, relieves muscle spasms and brings balance to your body energies. Especially for women, Tantra Yoga is great to promote overall health and well-being. It’s a way for women to take care of themselves and overcome burnout and fatigue.

Attaining enlightenment with Tantra Yoga takes time but the benefits you gain on the journey towards it are invaluable. It gives you fresh new eyes to see the world around you. Tantra Yoga is like magic making you take right decisions at the right time.

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