Tantric Chakra Journey: Chakra Breathing Meditation

Tantric Chakra Journey

To start your Tantra journey, the first step is to make harmony in your Chakra system. And, my favourite meditation to balance the flow of life force energy on each chakra is Chakra Breathing Mediation.

Tantra is quite similar to yoga, but unlike yoga, tantra is more on meditation than stretching the limbs and other parts of the body. If you’re looking for a path where you can be more aware of yourself or with your partner, Tantra would be a good option for you.

In this article, we would be learning about chakra breathing which could help you become aware and be able to experience the seven chakras.

What is Chakra?

Chakra is an energetic centre within the physical and auric body of a human, it is also referred to as acupoint, and it serves as a no-physical highway, through cosmic energy, which connects the energy with the physical body. As for the cosmic energy, we call this as Prana or Life Force.

What is Chakra Breathing?

Chakra breathing is a type of Tantra meditation that enables you to experience and be aware of the seven chakras. Breathing meditation actively uses body movements and deep, rapid breathing while being accompanied by soft musical sounds to bring an open vitality and awareness to chakras.

If you are wondering what the seven chakras are, this includes:

      • Root Chakra
      • Sacral Chakra
      • Polar Plexus Chakra
      • Heart Chakra
      • Throat Chakra
      • Third Eye Chakra
      • Crown Chakra

There are several schools of Tantra and yoga who teaches Chakra Breathing Meditation. But, I love the way of practice this meditation done by Osho Neo-Tantra. You can also buy the specific music which is design for this meditation method from iTunes or Spotify.

Here is the Link of amazon to buy this music CD:-


Chakra Breathing Method

The breathing meditation has two stages and lasts for one hour, and the meditation ends once you hear three gongs. Throughout the meditation, make sure to keep your eyes closed.

This meditation should be done on an empty stomach in the early morning or late afternoon. Eyes remain closed for the entire meditation.

First Stage of Breathing Meditation (45 minutes):

At first, stand with your feet slightly apart and relax your body, with an open mouth.

Now once the music starts, breathe in and out deeply and rapidly to go into the first chakra. But your focus has to be more on the breath you breathe out from the mouth, and body will take care atomically of the breath you breathe in. The first chakra is located in the pelvis area, so put your attention to there.

Every time you hear a bell, move the same breathing to the next chakra; let your breath take over the whole body, mind and more rapid as you go to the next chakra. Keep going in that way till seven chakras.

While meditating on your breathing, you can stretch, shake, rotate, or move your hands and body without moving your feet from the spot. Once you’ve set your body and breathing in motion, your movement will become effortless and continuous. As for your awareness, it will primarily remain on the sensations of chakras.

After you reach the seventh chakra, you’ll hear three bells which the sign would be to fall back through each of the chakras. Slow your breathing once you go through from chakra to chakra, you’ll have about two minutes to reach the first chakra again.

After finishing the sequence, stand still for a moment and then start the second stage.

Second Stage of Breathing Meditation (15 minutes):

Sit in a relaxed and silent stage after reaching the third breathing sequences. Just focus on the energy inside you and witness everything that is going on without any judgment, and while your eyes are closed.

What are the Benefits of Chakra Breathing?

There are a lot of benefits that you can gain from balancing your chakras by breathing exercises. To mention a few, here are some of the primary benefits of balancing your chakra through breathing:

      • Increases your openness and awareness to spiritual and psychic information
      • Ability to heal physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually
      • Transforms your weakness into a strength
      • Increases your passion for life
      • Makes you comfortable when facing uncertainties
      • Increases your manifesting ability
      • You’ll enjoy a loving and healthy relationship
      • You’ll realize your self-worth
      • You’ll have self-confidence
      • You’ll attain self-mastery


This meditation is a very powerful technique to open and active your chakra system by balancing the energy flow on each chakra.

I do this method so many times and still do it. For best results and deep healing, must do this meditation at least for 21 days and I can assure you, your life will become change completely.

Tantra is a kind of practice where you can do it by yourself or with your partner, and it cultivates your oneness with existence and through a sexual awakening. This usually happens through the opening of your chakras in the body.

If you have tantric awareness, your sexual vitality will start moving up your body from the base up to the crown. And the only that you can do it is by doing the chakra breathing first.

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