Tantric Tips: Spice Up Your Relationship Once Again with Tantra

Tantric Tips: Spice Up Your Relationship

As we grow older with our long-time partner, the more we spend our time with them, the more your sexual life becomes dull in the bedroom. However, you shouldn’t lose hope about this as there are a lot of things that both of you could try to spice up your sex life. One of the things that could help improve your relationship would be Tantric sex.

When translated from Sanskrit, it would mean “woven together”. Tantric includes certain practices in the bedroom, which could rekindle the fire on every nerve and leads to a deeper level of intimacy between the two lovers. In this blog, we’ll give you some Tantric tips to help spice up your sex life with your partner.

Prepare for the Practice

In Tantra, you’re not going to have raw and rapid sex with your partner. Instead, you would be making love with your partner and you should prepare for it. You should start by preparing the space for love-making that is filled with things to warm up your senses. Dim lighting, soft fabrics, the scent from incense, flowers, or scented candles are just one of the things you’ll need to create the perfect atmosphere.

Before doing the tantric act, the couples should also prepare their selves by having a relaxing hot bath and by shaking off the tension. Shake your body from head to toe after the bath to remove excess tension, your whole body would then become more sensitive.

Sharing Breath

The key to having a successful Tantric activity will lie to your breath. Some couples who have been into Tantric for a long time can purely orgasm through breathing, for those who are new to the practice will have to go for a long way to reach this level of skill. It’s never too late for anyone to practice.

It is best to start the tantric session by sharing breath with one another. Sit in front of your partner and try to be in the breath zone by breathing slowly. As you both synchronize your breathing, rock your body forward when you inhale, and then back when you exhale to push and pull your energies.

You would then feel the connection between the two of you, while the sexual sensation rises as you rock back and forth within the energy field.

Trigger Your Kundalini

Kundalini is a form of sexual energy that rests within your body and coiled like a serpent. To trigger or awaken this energy, you’ll have to massage yourself and try to think of your carnal desires. However, couples can also awaken it by letting to other sit close behind the back of the other, where the chest rests at the back. Decide with your partner to know who sits at the back.

To stimulate both of your kundalini’s for love-making, the one at the back should start massaging their partner’s body by massaging from the chest area up to the groin.

Unite Your Energies

While tantric have a lot of various positions, the easiest position for the beginners to try would be the Maithuna, which aligns the chakra energy of both couples. The position consists of the female sitting on the lap of the male and facing each other. By swaying together back and forth, the man will penetrate the woman and both of you would lock thighs.

As you both sway together, the man should place his hands between his partner’s shoulder blades and the other supports the buttocks. As for the woman, the left hand should be placed between his shoulder blades, while the right hand is on the sacrum. This will complete the alignment of the chakra energies.

And while the both of your gazes into each other’s eyes, continue the act by kissing and breathing on each other while swaying back and forth.

Tantric touch or Caressing:

To add spice in your love life or sex life, it’s very important to be playful and explore each other, this allows you to reveal and understand the different dimensions of being with each other and the finer nitty-gritty of your partner’s nature.

And touch is the most important part of it.

So, for this practice, the first receiving partner must lie down and the giving partner should start touching the receiving partner only using the tip of the finger and that too very gently and lovingly. The giving partner should touch the whole body by first starting from the head and reaching till the toe; on both – the front side and backside.

Continue this caressing and touching for a period of 20 minutes. After that, it is time to switch roles.

The receiving partner becomes the giving partner and vice versa.

This practice will increase the sensitivity in couples and increase the longing and desire to make love. Most importantly, it gives more knowledge and understanding about the bodies of each other so that both partners can enjoy and understand the playfulness of lovemaking and also the pleasure points of each other.

Personally, this practice is my favourite. I love to do it before making love and I can say from my experience that it will change the quality of lovemaking.


If you and your partner have been feeling that the excitement has gone down in the room, you should both try something different like trying the Tantric path. Connect and resonate with your partner once again as you continuously practice Tantric. In order for both of you to do the other positions of tantric, you should just keep practising until both of preforms the act perfectly.

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