Taoist Tantra Massage – What and Why?

Taoist Tantra Massage

Tao was usually defined as “path” or “way”, while Taoism was being considered as the indigenous religion for Chinese people. Taoism’s advocacy is to follow Tao through the integration with the natural environment. Taoism was founded by Laozi during the 6th century B.C.E. wherein he spends his life. Although several scholars stick to the theory that Taoism came from a specific indigenous religion during the 2nd century that flourished rapidly out of anyone’s expectation together with the uprising of Buddhism. Taoism became capable of developing its own practices and techniques of meditations. It was also believed that Taoist people had some faith upon chasing alchemy and even immortality.

This certain massage is based on the Taoism philosophy, therefore not only does it concentrate on the physical relaxation, but also on your spiritual development. The aim of the Taoist massage is to bring the soul, mind, and spirit into harmony with one another. The blocked energy would then be released in different physical levels of the body, which is by the Taoist energy work.

It helps improve and increase the energy flow through your body, which is expressed in joie de vivre and increased liveliness. There are different forms of Tao massages, but the special form of the Tao massage would be the Taoist Erotic Massage. The name was derived because of its erotic nature.

During the reign of ancient Chinese empires, monarchs such as kings are practicing Tao massage and Taoism to help themselves heal from different conditions. Taoism became widely practiced by people because Taoist people believes on immortality.

The symbol for Taoism was the famous yin and yang that represents the balance of everything that exist. The symbol for Taoism also reflects on the Taoist massage because it shows the essential balance of natural energy that runs though the body of every individual.

What does Tao mean?

The term Tao was defined as “path” or “the way”, although it has a much deeper definition upon Taoist people. Experts and scholars said that Tao can be defined as non-existential and existential state of anything just like from where it came from, and that Tao was referring to the concept of our Universe. The Tao can also be the consciousness that lies within the depth of each person’s wellbeing. From the smallest particle of matter up to the biggest heavenly body in the universe, from the beginning of everything up to the future, Taoist people religiously believe that Tao has made it all.

What is the Taoist Tantra Massage?

This type of massage is a sexual experience that involves genital touching and breathing, which stimulates the altered states of the transformation for those who receives it. The one who receives it should be actively disposed and constantly communicates with the masseur.

The alternating states of consciousness and pleasure can help awaken your intense emotions. Before the massage is performed, there would be a dialogue where the masseur would give instructions to the client, who informs his goals and concerns to the masseur.

In addition to its pleasure, it also provides important information on blockages, fears, or hidden patterns.Clients often experience the best experience through coaching. Rituals are performed to increase the effect of the massage.

Why Perform the Taoist Tantra Massage?

The Taoist tantra massage strokesexplore all kinds of range of sensations as possible, which wakes the neural network. A touch like this can help us in bringing the aliveness of our core parts, expanding our capacity for feeling, and provides erotic energy that has an honored role in our lives and bodies.

When you experience a full-body touch then person who is receiving can reach a deep state of internal awareness. The practitioners of this activity will have the ability to access inner certainty, along with ecstatic states and profound pleasure. For those who have partners, performing this practice together can create deep bonding, which allows those with different desires to meet in a place of happiness.

The Benefits of the Practice

For those who’ve survived sexual abuses, and for those who no longer feel sexual empowerment, the Taoist massage can provide a place where the receivers can stay focused and safe. As your body relaxes to the full-body massage, it releases hormones that are associated with feelings of trust, love, and bonding.

And with sexual stimulation, we produce tons of powerful endorphins that help build the feeling of bliss. With the prana energy being pumped by lengthy deep breathing, the heart would open, and the energies would spiral through our chakras, where we could experience with ecstatic wholeness with the divine within ourselves and the others.

Therefore, if you seek personal, spiritual, and emotional development, one should consider having the Taoist massage.

Final Thoughts:

When the ancient wisdom of Taoist and tantra sexual cultivation, along with the insights of psychology, western sexology, and neurobiology, it would result to a powerful tantra practice that can integrate and evolve the mind, body, spirit, and emotions .

Therefore, no matter where you are on your journey of sexual empowerment, the Taoist Tantra Massage can help you in experiencing and knowing your capacity for happiness.

Satyarthi Prateek’s Journey of Taoist Tantra Massage:-

The lineage of transmission for Taoist Tantra message is:

  • Book: “The Tao of Sexual Massage” by Stephen Russell and Jurgen Kolb
  • Teacher Training in Taoist Tantra Massage for Sarita & Tantra Essence Team by: Verica Staubo
  • Satyarthi Prateek undergone a training that was given by Dharmraj and Sarita. The training was done in Bali. The training aims to gain knowledge about Taoism and to learn the Mystic Massage of Tantra.

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