The Secret To Mind-Blowing Orgasms

The key to your best orgasm can be tantric sex. Tantra is a Sanskrit term meaning ‘woven together.’ Its purpose is to become one to god. Tantra is the western form of sacred sexuality that teaches non-orgasmic, slow sexual intercourse. Couples who tried tantric sex may have found out that they nurture great sensual pleasure and also a feeling of ‘dissolving’ into one other, which is loving and profound.

Practice makes everything perfect!!

Begin the process by facing each other and looking into each other’s eyes but with your clothes on. Keep yourself intimately exposed by focusing on your partner’s eyes. Don’t look back and forth between the two eyes to reduce tension as it is considered as cheating. Eyes are one’s windows, so you are gazing into one’s soul.

Ensure that you are breathing in the right way. Synchronize your breathing along with your partner. Exhale together and breathe in together. Later, move into breathe exchange. You exhale when he inhales, and you inhale when he exhales, though you are blowing each other in. Practice this for 10 minutes.

To take this to sensual intimacy, try the same procedure with your clothes off. Sit on your partner’s lap, facing him by wrapping your legs around his waist. Move into kissing and caressing while doing breathe exchange. At this time, begin slow intercourse, but keep kissing and caressing by maintaining eye contact.

Here is when things start heating up as you become more skilled, you can develop the capability for prolonged orgasm. There remains a variation of multiple orgasms in both men and women as you stay at the top of ecstatic pleasure. All the feelings are present thereof a typical orgasm, but it lasts only for a few hours and minutes. This leads to profound emotional and sexual merging. Few women even orgasm while performing specific workout exercises.

In our modernized world, we rarely stop what we are doing and focus on our partner. Traditional monogamy just doesn’t work for a few couples, and other real-life couples maintain an open relationship. However, your sexual pleasure and link can be enhanced in several ways by practicing tantric sex.

Highlighting the breadth and connection creates a considerable level of intimacy. This alone can make your heart feeling closer, more forgiving, and more loving. Secondly, leisurely steps of tantric sex will permit you to explore the exciting range of your minds and bodies. If you make love for an hour, it will bring you more delight, pleasure, and profound satisfaction.

At last, these practices will help you both in developing sexual bliss and connectedness, which is far beyond a normal orgasm.

If you feel that you need something to get into the mood, try these six natural libido boosters:

  1. Getting busy tonight, as if you perform sexual intercourse regularly it helps you to keep your sex drive in high gear.
  2. If you quit smoking, it won’t clog the blood vessels of your penis in the same way; it clogs arteries present in your heart.
  3. Excess medication can cause erection problems along with diminished sex drive.
  4. Spend your night planning a steamy vacation. Even you didn’t get the chance to go,picturizing things will be enough of a libido booster.
  5. Prepare pesto and serve it over a pasta night. Pesto contains excellent sources of arginine, pine nuts, the precursor for nitric acid. Arginine opens up blood vessels, which improves the blood flow.
  6. Acting like teenagers won’t harm anyone. Go for movies with your other half and take seats in the back row. Make out with each other as you used to do in your teenage days.

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