The Tantric Transformation :- Birth and Death

The Tantric Transformation

In Tantra, you should look at it in a comprehensive and in-depth way at how it can inform a lot of aspects of our life journey and education, which would then take us from darkness to light. In this article, we would be talking about how Tantra approach and affects your life from conception up until your growth.

Moment of Conception

Approaching life with Tantra, education would usually begin at the moment of conception. In the ancient scriptures of tantra, using great care is the way to describe the right ambience in conceiving. The things that play an important role in the kind of soul that would be created would depend on the parent’s thoughts, the things they have eaten, and the ambience during their lovemaking.

Once the soul binds itself to the womb’s embryo, the conditioning process is already being set in. Making love in a meditative atmosphere, you should do it in a beautiful, joyously, and aesthetic way as possible without any being in a hurry.

If a couple meets in that kind of atmosphere and with a silent space within, they would surely attract a soul that is the highest one available.

During Pregnancy

In most ancient cultures in the world, women are usually supported in a meditative and peaceful state throughout the entire pregnancy stage. This is because, it is known that any negative feelings or thoughts could affect the development of the child, which leaves an imprint on the mind, body, and emotional centers.

Before you give birth to a child, it is important that you go as deep as possible in your meditation. Whatever it is that you are doing while the child is still in your womb, doing it continuously would reach to the child. Like for example, if you’re angry, sad, depressed, or happy the child would immediately feel it as they totally depend on you. Being a mother is a great responsibility, therefore you’ll have to sacrifice a lot of things.

The Ecstatic of Birth

During labor, remain to be delighting, meditative, prayerful, and relaxed to help the child. A lot of mothers has been conditioned that giving birth is very painful. Since we always hear from anyone, it becomes deeply rooted in us. As a tip, it is an auto-hypnosis, if you believe that it’s painful, then it surely is.

In fact, once the child is out you would receive great ecstasy and once you’ve experienced that bliss, no lovemaking could ever provide that amount of ecstasy as a newly born child provides you.

The Formative Years of the Child

During the first seven years of the life you’ve created, how you treat and teach them during those years would be their life’s foundation. What you feed, how you care, and how you talk to them could have a long-lasting and immense impact on their lives.

The Development Years

In the age of 7 to 14, the same-gender bonding is a must as this would be their way of discovering their selves. Girls would be playing with girls, and boys would be playing with boys. This way, it would naturally occur to them the reality within their gender type.

Final Thoughts

And as for the following years to come, it would be about celebrating their passage into fertility, the passage of adulthood, and the explorations of deep intimacy with their partner. This would be celebrated in different ways, but the most important thing to keep in mind is to care and guide for them in the right way.

Real education would be drawn out, which is hidden within them when real education is applied. What God has given you with, you should how to embrace it, treasure, discover and reveal it to make you shine in this world.

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