The Tantric Way of Life: Pre-Menstrual Syndrome and Tantra

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome and Tantra

In life, it’s important to find a balance between your mind, heart, body, and soul. If you emphasize one and deny the other aspect of your being, you would always have uneasiness within you. You would say that you never get enough time for yourself, but from this statement, it’s obvious that you need to have a different lifestyle which would allow your mind, heart, body, and soul to be equally nourished.

You are most likely aware that stress could be a leading cause of disease, mental, and emotional problems. In our modern life today, your lifestyle would always lead to stress. So in order to find balance in your life, there are some things that you can do.

Learn and Practice Meditation

Since our mind is always active, it would be a great idea for you to look for a meditation camp like Tantra, and then experience your life-changing transformation.

Go for a Spa Regularly

Aside from practising meditation, getting a massage at least once a week is a great way for a woman to release stress and tension. Therefore, you should start searching for your place for high-quality spas or massage practitioners.

Walk with Nature

Walking in a non-crowded park or in forest free from dangerous wild animals could help you communicate with your inner nature.

Listen to Music

When you are driving alone, sitting in a park, or going somewhere in public transportation, you should listen to calm and uplifting music as these could help you get into deep peace, which is where you’ll discover serenity.

Read Uplifting Magazines and Books

Rather than reading a newspaper, it would be much better for you to read an uplifting book or magazine that is aimed at helping you discover your whole being.

Eat Healthily

While enjoying a cup of tea or a meal of salad, you should sit down in a comfortable position and be aware of your food or drink’s taste. Be conscious about your body, and mostly eat and drink healthy foods to bring more health and energy to your body.

 Experiencing Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

When you are over some top of an emotional state before your menstruation, you would need to consider how you can balance your hormonal system. It’s possible that there’s a mineral or vitamin deficiency in your body. You can take either take Vitamin B and C, which can be very effective in balancing your hormonal system, or you can go for acupuncture or herbs for treatment.

If you continuously receive this kind of treatment, you would surely be fine.

Final Thoughts

Most of us who don’t feel happy in our everyday life would search for it in different ways. Some of us have lived with so much pain from childhood to adult, that this was the only way they know to feel some happiness. But sometimes, even when they receive some happiness, it would come to them through the pain.

When someone carries a sort of trauma, seeing a single piece of rose would be enough for them to experience profound happiness.

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