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The True Meaning Of Shiva And Shakti

Shiva Shakti

Shiva & Shakti are two important symbols when we look at the attributes of the chakras. Shiva is masculine whereas Shakti is feminine. The masculine principle symbolizes consciousness wherein the feminine principle is symbolic of activation of power and energy. They have to come together and unite within an individual. Consciousness without energy is aimless and blind. Similarly, energy without consciousness can produce nothing.

Meaning of Purusha & Prakriti

Shiva & Shakti is also referred to as Purusha & Prakriti. Purusha is the male consciousness and Prakriti is nature. The trident held by Lord Shiva represents the trinity of Ishwara, Purusha & Prakriti ; meaning the divine principle, the atma and the manifestation. A simple way to understand is by imagining it as an electric current. The current which is the source of light is Ishwara. Purusha is the light and Prakriti is the object which is illuminated. Shakti or Prakriti which is female is the maternal principle. It’s a universal fact that there is no greater love than that of a mother. Shiva or Purusha on the other hand is the unswayable observer. It is pure consciousness.

Shiva & Shakti are the different sides of the same coin and are often depicted as one in pictures with one side being female and the other male. However, these are often misunderstood as the unison of a male and female. Sexuality is natural but in this case is mixed with spirituality.

The Power of Shiva and Shakti Union

The spiritual union of Shiva & Shakti is the union of an individual with divinity. Shiva & Shakti or the Male & Female sides are prevalent is every individual. Tantra helps you re-unite them and make them one. This is known as the divine embrace of Tantra where separateness is no more. This embrace is also seen in many scriptures in temples and caves from olden days. This is the state of perfect oneness or Moksha. It helps you experience life as whole. You stop looking for love outside when you realize the sweetness of this union within. Once you love yourself it’s easier to love others since you have overcome all inhibitions. Shiva & Shakti consciousness and oneness makes it possible to create healthy harmonious relationships and makes life more joyful.

Did you know that Shiva & Shakti have 17 other names in Sanskrit!

Also, the below mantra when chanted helps one re-unite their female and male principle within themselves.
OM Bhairavaya
OM Bhudevaya
OM Devedevava
OM Dhyanadeepya
OM Gangadharaya
OM Gurudevava
OM Lingarajaya
OM Mahadevava
OM Mahakalaya
OM Maheshwaraya
Om Nilakanthay
OM Parameshwaraya
OM Rudrakshaya
OM Sarvacharya
OM Sarveshwaraya
OM Vishveshwaraya OM

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