Understanding Polygamy and Monogamy Per Tantra

Polygamy and Monogamy in Tantra

A lot of people misunderstand what Tantra truly is as most of them see it as an excuse to “sleep” around. Open relationships come up in the practice, but most people don’t have a proper understanding of it. There are two options that you can choose from when you go into a relationship, and those are polygamy and monogamy.

So to make all things clear, we would be talking about the monogamy and polygamy of tantra to have a clear understanding. Now, let’s continue reading down below.

History of Tantra

According to scriptures, Tantrawas said to have existed about 7,000 years ago because of Lord Shiva. He came from the path of yogic, so during that time, the practice was seen as a yoga extension that allows the energies of male and female to awaken the inner Shakti and Shiva principal.For the first time during the Vedic period, soulmate was given meaning by Yogi Shiva.

He has taught Ardhnareshwar, which means that you are neither a male nor a female, but both. Once you’ve found your soulmate, it would be easy for you to find your inner male and female principal. As soon as you’re free from the outer male-female attraction, it would be easy to go deeply in part of the spiritual awakening.

Why tantra preaches open relationships?

Tantra is often very misunderstood for getting your fantasies about sex fulfilled. That is not necessarily the case. The art and the preaching behind this spiritual spectrum run deeper than that. The talks about open relationships in Tantra are quite prevalent. With that come to the questions about monogamy and polygamy.

Would you be surprised to know that almost 90% of the population across the world, in terms of tantra, is into polygamous relationships?

The main reason behind the same being the fact that people lack the clarity of knowledge. According to people’s understanding, monogamy is being with one person. But, tantra suggests that monogamy is being with one person for one’s entire lifetime. This is definitely not something many people do or practice.

Majority of us are into polygamous relationships meaning that we have had multiple partners throughout our life. The only difference is that we are practicing it one at a time.

Delving in polygamous tantric sex is not about orgies and intercourse with multiple people, the emotions and beliefs run deeper than that. It is true that Tantra groups do act upon sexual intercourse with multiple people involved but the act itself is quite spiritually awakening and is more than just a random hookup.

Tantra, in terms of whether it is a monogamous or polygamous relationship, is a spiritual lifestyle that involves teachings of varying kinds, including sex as well.

It predominantly emphasizes the growth in one’s life, in their relationships and their sexual expectations and pleasure involved. People who practice tantra are often found to preach and believe more in open relationships and there is valid reasoning behind the same as well.

Some of the primary reasons being:

The primary reason in it is to work over your ego and beliefs and rise to your heart in the process. It helps you grasp a better understanding of what true love actually entails. The love that we feel today is often laced with ego which is definitely not fruitful or good in the long run.

According to the tantrics, true love doesn’t have any boundaries and restrictions. It is all about feeling emotions. They believe that true love, be it monogamous or polygamous, doesn’t set boundaries for their partner/s.

This helps in prioritizing happiness which is something that many people have forgotten nowadays. With so much going around and the toppling stress of work, people have become very selfish in the process. The best way to overcome this is what tantra believes by loving people in the way they deserve to be loved. Although, this doesn’t mean that you don’t prioritize yourself and become a martyr in the process. That is not how it works at all.

Tantrics believe that love grows only with your growth. While being completely selfless is not possible, it is important that you let go off of your ego and find ways to explore the truth and complexities that relationships come bearing – be it monogamous or polygamous.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, this is the reason why we feel that Tantra accepts both monogamy and polygamy. The only important thing that you need to remember is your honesty and to be with your light, there’s no need for you to attach yourself on any sides of the coin.

If you think that monogamy is the path for you, then you can freely pick it as your choice. Same with polygamy, if you’re more comfortable with it then you can choose it as your own path for making relationships. No one can decide for you, so it’s your own decision to make and only inner-self has the ability to guide you, that’s the ultimate Tantra.

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