Understanding Your Chakras In Tantric Way

When it comes to yoga, the body along with the mind and spirit are considered as a whole. They are linked together and impossible to untangle. Each of these things is part of our day to day journey which contributes to our destiny as human beings. Besides, everyone has their own tantric chakras and there are seven of them. To help you deeply understand your chakras in a tantric way, scroll down and check them all bellow.

The human body is considered a temple that is worthy of worship and sacred admiration. Tantra massage, for instance, is one way to channel energy within your body. It is incomparable to any massage due to its spiritual course as it does not just allow you to experience the magic of a quality touch but it also opens your mind to have a deeper connection with people. It also recreates a new locus to reclaim your body from shame and reconnect to your true self.


This chakra is known as the origin of one’s spiritual journey. Muladhara is the first chakra located at the foundation of the perineum and is controlled by the mind’s conscious layer. Meanwhile, it also controls the solid elements of the body and said to be parallel to the body’s excretory activity.  It is where the kundalini’s static energy resides. Moreover, kundalini is where your unseen force of cosmic energy.


This chakra resides at the upper base of the pelvis. Svadhisthana is said to control the liquid elements of the body. Also, it is controlled by the subconscious part of the mind and is associated with the sexual activity of every individual.


This is your third chakra. In understanding your chakra in a tantric way, this chakra can be found at the navel point of your body. This controls your luminous elements and is said to be the body’s fiery energy. Manipura is parallel to digestion and is manipulated by the intuitive or supramental layer of the mind. If you totally control this chakra, you will experience the feeling of being close to your purpose.


Now, we will explain your fourth chakra. Anahata also called as the yogic heart manipulates the aerial activities of the body and is parallel to its circulatory and respiratory functions. This chakra is embedded at the center part of the chest and is manipulated by the mind’s subliminal layer.

If Anahata is pierced by kundalini, it is referred as one of the divine love.


When you mention this kind of chakra, you are referring to the one who controls the etheric activities of the body. It is related to speech and is based on the throat. Vishuddha is a chakra controlled by the mind’s highest layer (subtle casual). And because this chakra is situated above, all the energies bellow follows its command.

Individuals grasp of future, present, and past can be attained if this chakra is well manipulated.


Located between your eyebrows, Ajina controls no part of the body but has the ability to attain the so-called mind of God.This is beyond the limitations of a human being and to reach this stage, an individual must break the mirror of his or her ego.


Finally, Sahasrara a.k.a. the thousand-petaled lotus is the controlling point of every individual’s mental tendency. This chakra is where kundalini attains its purpose and absolute union of awareness. To cut it short, the human purpose of life comes to its completion.


These Chakras are linked to substantial nerve centers in the body. All of them contain sets of nerves and major organs together with emotional, spiritual, and psychological states of being. These Chakras must be kept open, fluid, and aligned so that the flow of energy will not be interrupted should a blockage occurs.

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