One might think that ‘unconditional love’ is a phrase best left in rom-com movies. Or on a more positive take, reflected in a mother’s affection, which is not glorified enough. But what about the love you need to give to yourself?? What about self-love?? Ways to love yourself unconditionally is perhaps the most difficult task faced by today’s youth. The various ways to love yourself unconditionally make you realise that you wouldn’t want to be anybody else, and that is the ultimate level of unconditional love.

The fact that you wouldn’t want to change a hair on your head, wouldn’t want to fit into somebody else’s shoes, is an achievement that is profound and enlightening in itself. Just like you give love and affection to others by way of hugs and kisses and good food and a listening ear, you can give yourself the same to celebrate your uniqueness, to appreciate and acknowledge the wonder that you are.

Ways to love yourself unconditionally do not always mean pampering yourself or treating yourself to a massage or a great dinner or an amazing wardrobe. As relaxing as it can be, ways to love yourself unconditionally emanate from a mixture of self-acceptance and self-appreciation. The sources of the same lie within you, and you do not need a life partner to feel more loved or ‘complete’.

One way to love yourself unconditionally is to tell yourself that you are enough, to be complete in yourself. You do this by affirming to both your best side and your dark side. Do not beat yourself up about anything, do not be too hard on yourself, practice letting go. Letting go of things and people is perhaps one of the golden ways to love yourself unconditionally cause it goes to show that although you are sorry for the mistakes you made, you are not afraid to own up to them or look back with regret on them.

Ways to love yourself unconditionally require feeling comfortable in your own skin, accepting who you are, the way you are, no questions asked. If you are single, or feel lonely and abandoned with no source of care and affectionate behaviour in your life, try this- slowly and softly run your hands all over your body, feeling the warmth and blood flowing through your veins, acknowledging what a miracle it is to be alive. Providing yourself with the loving touch you usually give to others when they’re sad or lonely, is not desperate or pathetic, but it is the soul food of loving yourself unconditionally.

Try this when you feel deep down in the ditch, and you will see the positive effect in your mind and body. This also helps promote a healthy body image and makes you appreciate your physique instead of undermining it. Physical self-love of this kind is one of the best ways to love yourself unconditionally, as it opens you up to the possibility of being you not just bearable, but quite endearing.

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