We Are Sex , Enjoy It

We Are Sex

Here we go again, talking about sex. However, this topic is essential. Why? Because we are involved in this matter, it restores the intimacy between people involved in a romantic relationship and we must accept it. We are sex, enjoy it.

Opening your eyes to Tantric Sex

Most of the individuals shut their minds from topics like sex even new age sensuality namely Conscious Sensuality. Individuals tend to think that the later means doing funny poses that involve candles and weird stuff. Plus, chanting incomprehensive sounds while trying to meditate. Well, they don’t realize that the new age approach of sensuality is about a union: expansion and weaving of energy. That is Tantric Sex and some has already opened their eyes to this for over five thousand years.

What is Tantric Sex?

The difference of Tantric sex with the normal romantic mating of two individuals is its slow pace. Tantric sex is a path of meditation that help lovers to achieve greater intimacy during sexual intercourse making the inner Shiva and Shakti meet together. Tantric sex’s slow rhythm helps a man and a woman to establish a mind and body link in order to produce exceptional orgasms. The increasing intimacy between couples will be enjoyed in a much better passion over a slow pace sexual intercourse rather than a rushing sex that will only produce short while pleasure.

What is Conscious Sensuality?

Conscious sensuality is not just merely about sexuality, it is more of becoming more sensible and aware through the use of your senses. Although, at some point, sexuality has a significant attribute in Conscious Sensuality since it relates how we experience one of the most intense emotions and sensations in our lives. Thus, allowing yourself to consciously explore sexuality and sensuality is your gateway to love, empathy, compassion and greater understanding of the world.

People Who Enjoyed It

Celebrities such as Sting and Tom Hanks testify that Tantric Sex made a great impact on their married life. As a matter of fact, the wife of Sting mentioned that her husband can lastfive hours of making love with her. Tantra is a way of extending your intimate time together with your partner, putting more effort while making an intense impact on the pleasure you’ll both experience.

Enjoy Tantric Sex if you are:

  1. Looking for something new.
  2. Looking for a more intimate relationship with the one you love.
  3. Looking for a way to reconnect yourself with your partner.

Steps in Tantric Sex

In order to enjoy the pleasure of Tantra, you must eliminate your focus on orgasm alone. Tantra is not orgasm-centric practice. It includes different techniques such as meditation, massage, and breath control.

Steps 1:Make sure that the windows and doors are closed, after that turn off the lights. Turn your room or place to a pleasant place by adding some flowers and candles that has aromatic scent, relaxing slow music, dim lights, and other decorations that will set a calm mood. Come into your place or room like it was a real temple, enter with pure motives together with your devotion.

Step 2: Shake your body, move those unnecessary thoughts away. This helps like a warm-up exercise before you can move on to the next steps.

Step 3: If possible, don’t use the bed for this practice. Use the most comfortable place in your house but stay off the bed. Bed means sleeping time. You wouldn’t like it if your partner becomes sleepy along the way, right?

Step 4: Make your partner feel comfortable, ask him or her to sit together with you. Once you have felt that your partner was already comfortable, start gazing directly at her or his eyes with all your pure intentions. Take this moment calmly and passionately while you are watching each other’s eyes passionately. Lie together on the floor and begin to give each other gentle touches.

Step 5: Try experimenting. Don’t be too boring with those usual things you do together. Spice things up with new strokes and touches. Bring out the creativity of your imagination, apply it upon taking the first steps into foreplay. Make it as slow as possible while you do it in a manner full of joy.

Step 6: Keep Focused. This is very important. Don’t let your mind or your partner’s mind focus on something else. Breathing controls can help you.

Step 7: Begin to make love in the most comfortable stance that you prefer, make it slow, gentle and deep. Syncing your partner and your breath with the penetration while making love is also a good technique to have full awareness.Keep it going up until you feel multiple gates or doors of ecstasy and energy open all over your body.

You should also make yourself worry less about the orgasms, it really does not matter if you reach it earlier or later during the process. You can do it over and over again until you achieve your goals in orgasm. It was definitely ok if you do not last longer that what you have expected in the first try, you will gradually be able to make love longer when you and your partner become more ecstatic.

Now that you know it, enjoy it.


One of the most important things that you need to take into account before diving into any practices is to have a deep understanding of the basics.

When you let yourself embrace the pleasure of tantric sex practices, you also let yourself get rid of guilt, shame, and fear. Tantric sex will help you to rejuvenate your inner self by following your desires and breaking your limits. It will also help you enjoy life with the presence of orgasmic pleasures that makes you feel more intimate towards your partner.

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