What is divine feminity & how can I connect with my inner Goddess?

Our Body consists of Energies. We all have masculine and feminine energies within us, irrespective of the Gender. In Yoga, these practices are called Shiva and Shakti or the Yin and Yang. Usually the left side of the body is associated with the feminine energy and the right side is associated with the masculine energy. In order to achieve our highest potential, we need to tap into both these energies. For continuance of our evolutionary process, there has to be a balance of both these inherent masculine and feminine energies.

The Divine Femininity is the manifestation of unadulterated and authentic feminine characteristics. Divine Femininity, as often misunderstood is nothing to do with warrior women, it is beyond gender. Divine Femininity represents creation, sensuality, nurturing, intuition, sensitivity and many such qualities. Divine Femininity is pure compassion, innocence & empathy. When we observe the world around us we see a Masculine energy dominance, qualities like strength, survival, rational thinking; which are essentially masculine qualities, are lauded & applauded and feminine qualities are demeaned & suppressed.

This is one of the main reasons the world is in turmoil and disoriented. Connecting to the divine femininity is an act of worship to the divine mother, the creator of the universe. Feminine consciousness is attuned to the rhythm and flow of life and connecting with divine femininity will help the world to unshackle from the chains of chaos that currently strangulates us.

How can I connect with my Inner Goddess?

As we discussed above, there is a suppression of divine feminine energy in the modern world. There is too much goal driven & result oriented masculine Yang energy with very little compassionate and gentler feminine Yin energy. We have been so engrossed in our worldly duties, accomplishing goals after goals that even after we achieve them we still feel that something is amiss. For Women especially, neglecting your inner divine goddess can lead to burnout, cause stress, fatigue, dissatisfaction with your life, resentment and can lead to illnesses like depression. Connecting with your inner Goddess on a regular basis is indispensable for feeling of self, hormonal balance and overall health and happiness. You can consciously decide to rebalance your Yin-Yang energies and recalibrate your feminine energy to a higher frequency.

Nurturing your inner goddess and reigniting your feminine energy can be done in several ways.

  • Believe that you’re a BEAUTY

To honour your inner goddess, feel her beauty. Appreciate your body by feeling your curves, gently caress your whole bare body, and let all your senses be fully involved in appreciating and experiencing the gorgeous female form. Fall in love with yourself absolutely and conditionally.

  • Take a break

Take complete time out regularly to meditate and connect with your inner self, take bare foot walks outside and connect with the Earth Mother.

  • Get rid of things

Declutter your space regularly, add things that bring joy to your spirit, adorn your space with beautiful plants and your walls with pictures that motivate & uplift you. Use wind-chimes, crystals, salt lamps etc to invoke your senses.

  • Practice mindfulness

Give multi-tasking a break and enjoy your singular task with full fervor. This helps reduce unnecessary stress.

  • Dress up!

Dress every once in a while like a sexy goddess, wear colors like red, purple that invoke sensuality.

  • Self-Love and Pleasure ritual!

Self-love is extremely essential. Your perceptions of a perfect partner are basically just a reflection of the energies within you. What you desire therefore is already within you! Fantasize about yourself, imagine the person you are wildly attracted to is- yourself!  This is a visualization practice, which is great for before or during self-touch.

Cultivate a self-pleasure ritual. You could make your shower time a sensual experience. Feel the water pour over your naked body, caress yourself while applying soap. Make full use of the time you get to be naked! Your bedroom should be a sacred space & making love to yourself should be a routine like going to the gym! Feel your body, touch your genitals & rock your pelvis. You may or may not use toys depending on your preference. You should learn how to climax slowly. Bring yourself to the brink at least 3 times before you actually let it happen. Imagine you are releasing tension from your emotional body.

That’s not it. Start embracing the ebb and flow of life and tune in with the cycles of the moon to understand your own cycles. Bless and release toxic relationships. We have only one life so don’t waste time on people and things that don’t compliment you. Lastly, embrace your inner goddess and see magic & miracles happen!

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