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What Is Tantra Nectar

What is Tantra Nectar?

Most people think that ‘Tantra’ is a spiritual approach to sex, but in reality, Tantra is a way of life. Tantra is the easiest and most compelling path to reach super consciousness. Tantra is an ancient spiritual science, wherein “Tan” means expansion and “Tra” means liberation. It is the process of expansion to attain liberation. It is unique and popular because unlike most other spiritual practices, it takes into account both, the worldly desires and spiritual inclination of mankind. It teaches that there shouldn’t have to be conflict between the two and they can co-exist together in harmony. Most spiritual practices believe in giving up all materialistic pleasures to be one with the Cosmos which often leads to choosing either one; spirituality or worldly pleasures which becomes really difficult making one feel guilty or hypocritical. If one takes the path of Tantra this conflict can be avoided all together. Tantra is a journey from duality to non-duality, where we start to work with individuality, we then reach duality and ultimately we embrace non-duality.

TANTRA: An Ancient Spiritual Path

Tantra is an ancient spiritual path, practice or Sadhana which is a powerful combination of Yoga, Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, Mudra, Bandha (Energy Lock), Chakra (Energy Centre), Dance and Meditations. Every individual possesses an infinite energy within their body which mostly remains dormant or unawakened. This energy is responsible for one’s success in the external and the internal world. The goal of Tantra is to awaken and use that energy for growth, success and spiritual illumination.

How to Practice Tantra?

In Tantra Nectar the training of how to practice tantra is taught. Tantra is also the path of Love. It teaches you the highest form of love, where Self Love & Love for your Partner will merge together.

Shiva has said – “Only Tantric Man can love.”

So the question is, who is a Tantric Man & How To Practice Tantra? Most people think that a real Tantric man is the one who is enlightened. But in today’s world there are very few men who strive towards it or even feel the need for it. This is actually a misconception. Even if spirituality is not the goal, almost anyone can find something in Tantra that will help him improve his quality of life considerably making him more aware and also happier. Tantra embraces everything related to life, be it about your health and diet, professional life or lovemaking. Tantra teaches a Man to activate, harness and channelize the most powerful energy of the body which is his sexual energy to his inner growth and self-realization and to love their partner and take good care of them.

Become a TANTRIC Man

A Tantric man grows to love himself fully, love the life he is blessed with and also accepts and loves the different forms of life around him. You can bring yourself down if you don’t get along with yourself or love yourself. You control your emotions and state of mind. Being a Tantric man makes him love himself, love life and also the different forms of life around him. He is his best friend.

As Rumi has said – “If I Love Myself, I Love you. If I love you, I Love Myself.” This makes one realize that, only being a tantric man enables you to love yourself. It is only after a tantric encounter that others too can love you and you too are able to share love with others. Tantra gives you the experience where you feel that you are a king. People will come to you and ask for love. Now, you have a sea of love which you can share endlessly.

Tantra is nothing but the merging of individual consciousness into infinite super consciousness. Just like Osho said – “A drop of water dissolves into the ocean.” It’s a way of living life with the full acceptance of the First Chakra and Seven Chakra together. Tantra works with the root chakra energy and simultaneously it also works with the Crown Chakra. Tantra is a journey from Sex to Samadhi and you can understand this journey once you learn

How To Practice Tantra.

To accept Tantra in its purest form, we choose to call it Tantra Nectar, “The Amrita of Tantra”, which comes after years of studying and practicing of Ancient Tantra Practices like Shaivism, Hinduism, Taoism & Buddhism as well as Osho’s Neo Tantra Practices.

According to the Hindu Mythology, Nectar or Amrita, also called as the Nectar of Immortality, is the divine liquid which came into existence when there was a fight between Gods and Devils during the “Samudra Manthan”.

Reach ‘Deep INTIMACY’

Tantra helps you reach a deep intimacy with your partner because it channels subtle energies within your body and removes any blockages. It helps the meeting of the outer male and female so you can meet your inner Shiva and Shakti. That is why it is so tempting and dangerous. Shiva and Shakti are two sides of the same coin, they are an extremely powerful and an indestructible force that combine together to create the Universe.

Tantra teaches you deep meditation techniques, which gives you the freedom to explore every aspect of Life. It is a path of development which helps you embrace all the colors of life. If you learn How To Practice Tantra it will bring to you strength, clarity and bliss in your everyday life.

Supreme Awareness

Tantra is the path of Supreme Awareness. Unlike most spiritual paths, Tantra does not leave sexuality out. Instead it shows you how sexuality too can be a doorway to personal illumination.  To practice this, however, it is important to be Aware. Tantra, is really about expanding our life’s inner horizon, not about narrowing it down to the level of lust. Finding fulfillment in the enjoyment of the mundane throughout the day is the source of freedom from object-reliant desire. Let activity flow from consciousness as it extends out from your true self and finds desire in being existent to the world. Tantra allows you to connect with the world around you in a way that opens you to be expressive in a way that you didn’t know was possible.

Through Tantra, we are going to experience many stages of our being. We must always remember that all the techniques, all the practices, all the steps, bring us closer to the Ultimate Non – Duality.

Tantra is nothing but a journey. This journey begins when we take the first step, that is Individuality and falling in love with ourselves. Once we complete the first step, we are ready to move on our second step which is to experience the Shiva and Shakti Play (The Maya). It is about activating the inner Shiva and Shakti to unify the inner man and woman. When this is done, the third step is to go above and settle in our Non-Duality. This implies that we go back to the womb of eternal presence where all the bliss is. The Tantra journey comes to an end when we go back to where we naturally come from.

That ultimate experience when the wind touches your skin is Tantra,

When the beautiful sounds of a bird reaches your ear is Tantra .

When the food you eat becomes an orgasmic experience is Tantra,

When every breath you takes feels like you’re making love with the universe.

Well,  That is Tantra .

Tantra is the ultimate Path to reach an experience of Non Duality.

Tantra is taught in many Tantra Mantra School in India. Rishikesh is particularly popular for Tantra schools, as there are many Tantra Schools in Rishikesh. These schools are popular for practicing Tantra Sadhana in Rishikesh.

You must be wondering What Is Tantra Yoga? It’s the idea to weave together many ancient yoga practices and teachings which will help one connect with others and the universe. It helps you experience the reality of its true self. However, Tanta Yoga is not just about asanas. Ayurveda, chanting, gemology among other techniques and mystical teachings are also a part of this. Tantra & Yoga when combined enables us to regain our vibrant body & youthful mind.

Melting in

Intimacy is the focus when it comes to Tantra Yoga. It can be experienced with partners as well as  your own self. It not only helps partners to connect more deeply but also helps them get in touch with their true self thus breaking barriers in a meaningful manner. Individuals also are able to know themselves better by getting in touch with their own subtle body energies. It is one of the surest ways to find this inner connection. Tantra Yoga gives us the much needed clarity to live a purposeful and fulfilling life.Now that we know What is Tantra Yoga, let’s understand the many facets to Tantra Yoga. Some of them are as follows:

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is also a part of the Tantra practice in which an intensely powerful store of energy called “Shakti” which lies dormant at the base of the spine is awakened through Pranayama, Kriyas, Asanas, Mudras, Mantras and Bandhas. This Shakti on awakening, ascends upwards through the spinal column into the Crown Chakra, thereby triggering high consciousness and superior spiritual state. Kundalini Yoga also helps in building physical strength.

Tantra Pranayama

Pranayama is made up of two Sanskrit words “Prana” meaning Life-force or Life-energy and “Ayama” meaning to control the Prana. Tantra Pranayama involves inhaling, retaining and exhaling of breath. During the retention of breath in Tantra Pranayama, it is taught to consciously retain the prana or the “life force”, only releasing oxygen from the lungs during exhalation, thereby storing the prana in the Solar Plexus (Manipura Chakra). Thus vital energy is stored in the body. Tantra Pranayama helps one connect and merge with the universal energy making it an important step on the path of Tantra yoga.


Tanta Meditation is a very wide term. It’s not about just one single Meditation. It is a spiritual path or sadhana which consists of various types of Tantric Practices and Mediations. In Tantra Practices, there are so many different types of meditations which subsequently became different types of Tantra Traditions and Schools. Some are for both men and women, some are specially designed for men and some are specially designed for women. We are often asked What is Tantra meditation? Well, Most of Tantra Meditations liberates the energy reservoir in the muladhara chakra (root chakra), propelling the flow of energy from the Root Chakra to the Spine Chakra. By liberation of this energy, there is awakening of consciousness in the entire body. Tantra Meditations activates the Chakras and restores the energy balance within the body.

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