What Is Tantra Training And Why Is Tantra Important For Your Growth?

A process of growing in love and awareness is called tantra training, which you cant do. It is a procedure off “un-training, undoing your conditioning.”

The whole thing behind tantra is to become your authentic self again. You will start coming home to yourself, which you once were. Starting, even before your birth, your parents, relatives, neighbors began to nourish you. To survive, you must realize that you had to comply with their demands and also that the world is not unconditional. As a person, you were identified based on your body, mind, and limitations.

You have forgotten your true self. It’s just your body and mind, and your free soul is totally in the background.

Tantra is a process of heightening your limitless love and consciousness for once more. It is, in fact, a group of techniques that facilitates the process of “un-training or undoing your conditioning. Tantric training is hard to understand by the mind and challenging to explain.

So a question might arise that what kind of training does tantra provides? It presents you with techniques or methods that activate your consciousness. Growing in awareness is a part of tantra training.

When you start doing things out of your routine, you don’t pay attention anymore. When you are with your partner, it is better to pay attention to what they say. Tantra training will help you in improving your concentration and awareness. The basic drill is to stop doing anything, don’t move, paying attention to your breathing, and then shift your mind to other areas. This could be energy – flow could be togetherness, could be body- awareness.

Tantra training aims at going back to natural breathing.

The first step is conscious breathing, and the next step is full breathing, filling your lungs, and providing all your cells with oxygen and distributing prana to every body part.

You straight away start feeling when you breathe naturally. It motivates you to use your senses to the maximum level but not by letting your mind to interfere with what you have perceived but by sensing directly. Feel like a newborn baby. Smell, hear, feel, and taste like a young but with full awareness. Discover the mystical world over and over again, but then so much won’t be great!

In the case of love, this becomes very difficult to do. Love happens, and you fall in love without any reason. It’s not something you can cause and can’t be understood by the mind. But our intention is living either in the past or future but never at present. So tantra training will help you to fall out of your head into your body. This training is all about balancing your mind, body, and soul.

Therefore, use your nerves anxiously and be aware of what you feel and how that you think. It will help you in discovering your emotional intelligence, knowing your knowledge, connecting the energies to your body, and getting to know the frequencies of your sadness, anger, happiness, passion, and sexual arousal (emotions).

Tantra is the way to love.

This love is not related to the mind but universal love or energy with which everything is made up. Being into your heart makes you feel amazing. The peace and joy that overflows within you are magnificent. Tantra training will bring you into your heart and will let you experience this. Also, tantra addresses all types of physical, emotional, energetical, social, and spiritual connections. It involves many techniques which will activate and move your sexual energy.

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