What Is Tantric Intimacy And Meditation

Tantra is all about knowing your body and establishing physical and spiritual awareness. This is the process of enlightenment – to transcend the spiritual and sexual sphere by engaging in meditative and spontaneous physical act with the partner. This is an ancient Indian practice that has now become popular across the globe. This practice was developed around 5,000 years ago to promote emotional interconnectedness, spirituality and sexuality.

When you practice tantra, you become more in-tune with your body. It helps you to pay attention to the needs and wants of your body. During tantric sex, energies flow throughout the body that intensifies orgasm. In this way, tantra doesn’t just honour our bodies but also enriches our sensual and sexual pleasure.

Tantric experts believe that meditation, breath, movement, mindfulness and the surrounding environment enhance intimacy with oneself as well as with the partner. Tantra encourages comprehensive sexual and sensual experience. In addition, it also helps us to leverage and access our desires.

Tantric Intimacy

Tantric intimacy is a slow form of sex that focuses on creating a mind-body connection and increasing intimacy. These two things result in a powerful orgasm. People who want to find a new dimension of love-making and reboot their sex life should consider learning and practising tantric sex. You can understand this fact in this way – if quickie is a sexual equivalent of a takeaway, then tantric intimacy is a slowly cooked delicious meal – thanks to the wait.

Tantric experts believe that if you spend more time and effort into sex, then you will reach a deep level of ecstasy. People who want to reconnect and become more intimate with their partner should try tantra. If you are looking for something new in the bed even, then tantric sex can be a good pick.


Tantra is the process of combining breath, movement, meditation and sound to open the Chakra energy system within the body. This opening allows the Kundalini to move up from the pelvis along through the spine. The life-force energy can help you to lose constrictions within the body that you have been developed over a lifetime.

Without the support of meditation, this healing process is impossible to achieve. Since tantra is a spiritual tradition, the mind plays a significant role in practising tantra properly. When you practice it, you create a deep connection among your body, mind and soul.

Meditation, in general, is the process of being in the moment. It will set you free from all those feelings that are holding you back. When you meditate, the energy flows from your body into the downward. But when it comes to meditation, keeping tantra in mind, you have to focus on letting the energy build and spread throughout your body. An act of meditation will also help you to prepare your mind for the tantra practice, especially for the end game.

Final Word

Meditative techniques, breath control, sacred spot massage will help you to delay orgasm. When you pull back yourself right before the climax, the orgasmic sensations fill your body. When you continue this cycle, you finally reach an explosive, intense and full-body orgasm. This is how tantric intimacy and meditation can enhance your sensual and sexual experience.

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