Why You Should Try Alchemy of Touch Instead of Your Regular Massage?

Alchemy of Touch

Sometimes, you might feel like a regular massage isn’t doing enough to deal with your aches and pains. That’s because a regular massage only warms up your muscles to release muscle tension. But our aches and pains are often a result of mental, emotional, and physical factors.

Alchemy of Touch is a form of transformational bodywork devised by Tapesh Paradiso. It fuses musculoskeletal and energetic techniques to provide a comprehensive massage experience, which aims at eliminating physical discomfort by addressing all the factors mentioned above. It has elements of many techniques, including deep tissue massage, Osho rebalancing massage, myofascial chi-release, Thai Yoga stretches, meditation, energy work, etc.

How does Alchemy of Touch help?

Alchemy of Touch is a form of massage therapy, wherein the massage therapist focuses on removing rigidity in the myofascial (the fibrous, connective tissue that covers our muscles) using special techniques. By doing so, they activate pockets of energy within your body, and when they restore the myofascial to its normal state, the energy flow within your body is unlocked. This will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and help you attain a higher level of consciousness, which will help you introspect and work on the underlying causes of physical pain.

Fluid Touch.

This technique is unique to the Alchemy of Touch. It is heavily dependent on the composition of a human body, which is 80% liquid. Fluid Touch uses wave-like motion to apply varying degrees of pressure at different speeds to enhance energy flow through the liquid component of your body. This unlocks energy pockets in your body, which boosts the non-physical elements of your being too.

Alchemy of Touch: An art form.

It is pretty clear that the Alchemy of Touch is very different from other forms of massage therapy. Another big difference lies in how each is delivered. While a massage follows set patterns and a general disconnect between the massage therapist and the client, Alchemy of Touch works on different principles. In Alchemy of Touch, massage therapists are encouraged to tailor their treatments based on instinct and spontaneity. It aims at eliminating restrictive patterns and turning bodywork into a form of art.

A well- practised practitioner of Alchemy of Touch will, hence, be able to use stretches, strokes, and fluid touch method in a combination which will be curated by him/her to give the client the most refreshing experience. Alchemy of Touch requires the massage therapist as well as the client to be truly present for healing to commence. This way, a bond is formed between the two, which allows a positive exchange of energy to take place.

So, next time you’re considering getting a massage, do give Alchemy of Touch a shot and experience the magic of Fluid Touch!

My personal Journey with Alchemy of touch.

I met Tapesh in 2010, and learnt Alchemy of touch in the 10 Days training course, in Arambol, Goa. It changed my understanding of touch and bodywork completely. He gave the transmission of empty hands, which improved my life personally and also changed my quality of private massage session.

Then, I assisted him in 2011 and 2012, after which, in 2016, I attended another session as a participant in Ibiza, for level-2 of Alchemy of touch. And this love affair kept going ever since, so I assisted him again in 2017, in KoPha-ngan.

My reason for sharing this—is because touch and meditative bodywork are like an ocean, the deeper you go, the more you understand, that there is much more to learn. And he is an ocean of touch, and learning from him gives me so much depth and make me so high in a vertical direction of the inner journey.

I also share this beautiful massage and healing journey in my private sessions, so if you want to receive it, you can book my private sessions by logging in at tantranectar.com

And one last thing, I’m feeling so proud to say that he is also an integral part of Tantra Nectar, and soon we are going to teach together, the Alchemy of Touch and Tantra.

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