Certified Practitioner Training of Tantra Nectar Touch

Training of Tantra Nectar Touch

If you want to work professionally as a Tantra Masseur, this workshop is for you! It helps you understand the alchemy of a male and female body in the Tantric way. This workshop is also appropriate for those who have chosen the path of Tantra.This is essentially a Certified Practitioner Training Course of Tantra Nectar Touch. After the completion of the training, you are enabled to give a 2 hour Tantra Massage professionally.

Tantra Nectar Touch is a unique fusion of several Healing Arts such as

  • Alchemy Of Touch with understanding of Conscious Touch,
  • Myofascial trigger point release (MTR)
  • Lomi Lomi
  • Osho Rebalancing,
  • Reiki and Pranic Healing ,
  • Chakra Balancing,
  • Energy Healing
  • Several Ancient Tantra Massages like Taoist Tantra Massage, Kashmiri Tantra Massage, Conscious Sensuality with Lingam And Yoni Healing
  • Osho Ayurvedic Yoga Massage with Tantra Yoga Kriya

In Tantra Nectar Touch Training, we will cover a vast ocean of Bodywork and Tantra Massages. We recommend an individual to have prior experiences in Meditation, Yoga or in Tantra. Those who have done Tantra Nectar Training Part 1 & 2 are allowed to sign up for this. However, if you have knowledge and experience in Yoga, Meditation, and Tantra or in Bodywork, we may allow you for this after interviewing you.

This can be attended by couples as well as singles. If you?re single, make sure you?re committed to work with different partners. This will be beneficial for you as well as us to maintain the group energy balance. This workshop broadly includes meditations, healing techniques, deep Ancient Tantra rituals and Practice of Tantra Nectar Touch which includes genital touch but no penetration. The Duration of the Certified Practitioner Training of Tantra Nectar Touch is 5-7 days depending on the place and availability.


If you sign up for this, you’re signing up to learn about topics such as Taoist Massage, Conscious Sensuality, Lingam Healing, Yoni Healing, Tantra Touch, Tantric Healing, Mystic Massage and more. You’ll also learn about:

– Emotional and Physiological release by Catharsis and Breath Work.

– Balancing of Chakra System & Clear the Energy Blockages.

– Ancient Tantra Rituals from Buddhist Tantra & Kula Tantra Traditions.

– Depth Understanding and Practice Tantra Asana, Pranayama, Mantra and Banda.

– The Tantra Way Of Breathing and Taoist Tantra Practices. A Taoist massage is essentially a healing massage. Its aim is to re-energize your body, mind & soul by harnessing your sexual energy. One can enjoy the benefits of spiritual insights with the help of a Taoist Massage. These insights stimulate a creative energy throughout the body which heals you as a whole.

– Practical exercise of Self-love.

– Awakening of Inner Shiva and Shakti with help of Outer Male and Female Polarities.

– Introduction of Conscious Touch with Empty Hand Transmission.

– What is Conscious Sensuality? You’ll be able to understand this in our workshop with the introduction of different forms of meditations as well as form of emotional release. Conscious sensuality also explores non-verbal tantric practices to create intimacy. This is especially great for couples since it will give them a chance to have honest communications and build a powerful connection with conscious sensuality.

– Understanding of Tantra Nectar Touch by the Touch of Belly.

– Certified Practitioner Training of Kashmiri Tantra Massage from Shivaism Tantra Tradition and Tantra Nectar Touch. The Kashmiri Massage helps you learn new ways to massage your partner opening their body. Deep feelings of relaxation can be experienced with a Kashmiri Massage. An intimate massage of both the Yoni & Lingam is also a part of Kashmiri Massage.

Lingam Healing & Yoni Healing will be exchanged with massages. The overall goal of Lingam Healing & Yoni healing is not ejaculation or orgasm. The objective is sexual healing and experiencing raw emotions.

The ancient teachings of Tantric Healing will be shared with you. The spiritual Tantra Touch will also be introduced. Based on Tantric Healing technique, the Mystic Massage using Tantra Touch is one of the most profound healing modalities. The Mystic Massage not only removes blockages from the body but also solves common sexual dysfunctions. Our program will teach & train you to become a Tantric Masseur.

What you will gain and learn from this workshop?

? It gives you clarity and a pure understanding of Tantra.

? It not only makes you accept yourself the way you are but also makes you fall in love with yourself.

? It helps you heal your sexual traumas and sexual shame by erasing all the conditioning by society.

? It teaches you the practicalities and importance of Tantra Massage with all the intricate details.

? It teaches you how to work professionally as Tantra Therapist.

? It restores the Shiva & Shakti energy within you and restores your inner child.

? It imparts knowledge about Tantra Nectar Touch. This will help you to practice it professionally.

? It trains you in a manner that makes you capable of becoming a successful Tantra Therapist.

? You can give a 2 hour professional Tantra Massage with ease after the completion of this training workshop.

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