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Transparency, openness and security are of utmost important to us. Do not hesitate to ask any questions, address any concerns or clear any doubts you have about our retreats or workshops or private sessions. We’re here for you at all times. Get in touch with us on: – [email protected] Let’s discuss a few vital points of discussion. The workshops / retreat / training / Certified professional courses may include partial or complete nudity which is upon an individual. Our approach for these will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. Once you’re out of it, which is when you dive into your personal growth. However, there is no force or pressure to be a part of things / activities you’re not wanting to do. In each of the rituals, practices and exercises, you have a final choice- to participate or not, and we will treat your choice with full respect. No two people are same, keeping this in mind we let each participant go as deeply as he feels correct for himself at that time. Being respectful to everyone is key to all our practices.


  • What is Tantra Nectar Training?

    For those who want to follow the path of Tantra, our Tantra Trainings and Workshops is the best way forward for you. During the course, you will overcome all blockades and will see a transformation within yourself. This transformation will also improve your life substantially. It’s the perfect beginning for your Tantra Journey.

  • Why should you select the Tantra Nectar Training?

    Most of us today are either shameful or guilty about our sexuality. This is the result of years of sexual suppression and the encouragement of giving up sexuality for spirituality. With our Tantra Training program you will be able to unlearn this and be more confident. You will be more accepting of your sexual self which will help you feel more connected to your own body. Tantra Nectar Training helps you accept your sexual energy and channelize it to improve your life.

  • How does the Tantra Nectar Training work?

    Tantra Nectar Training is divided into 3 parts.

    Part 1 is open to all and is for a duration of 3-5 days.

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    Part 2 is only for people who have attended the Part 1 training or people who have some experience in Yoga, Meditation or Bodywork and is for a duration of 5-7 days.

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    Part 3 training is for 7 days again and is open to people who have attended the Part 1 and 2 or have some prior experience in yoga, meditation or bodywork.

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  • What happens during Tantra Nectar training?

    Our Teachers have formulated a training program in a way that the student will learn the most. It is meticulously designed keeping in mind their knowledge and experience. Tantra Yoga, Tantra Mudra, Body Work, Balancing of Chakras, Partner Meditations, and Ecstatic Dance are some of the Tantra Practices and Procedures that will be taught.

  • Are sexual acts involved in the trainings?

    Tantra Nectar Training Program is about overcoming limitations on our sexuality and exploring our body as it is. However, there is no penetration involved. We do include intimate physical contact and nudity. But, nudity isn’t mandatory. Be rest assured of the environment being safe. We respect your boundaries for the same.

  • Can we have a one on one with The Teachers?

    Our Teachers will be mingling with all students to address their individual shortcomings and will also answer all their questions and queries depending on the schedule of workshops and availability of teachers.

  • Can we book a private session with teachers?

    This depends on our teacher’s schedule. If time permits, we shall allow a private session too.

  • Is Tantra Nectar Training mostly practical or is there theory involved?

    This Training focusses on the practical aspects. The theoretical aspects would include basic Tantra concepts and some essential basics.

  • Is gender ratio maintained at the Training?

    Yes. The program has an equal ratio for both men & women.

  • Is it compulsory to have a partner to be able to attend the workshop?

    No, this is not necessary. Tantra has always been about your relationship with yourself first before anything else.  It is the journey of finding one’s own sexuality. All our workshops and retreats have couples as well as singles, except for our couple’s retreats and workshops only events. Tantra works on the individual self to allow singles to attract the partner they want. It helps you break old habits and prepares you for a relationship. Even as couples, Tantra practices are mainly focussed on self-discovery. We conduct certain exercises as individuals, partners or the entire group. We strongly believe that we get to learn from each other, no matter what stage we are at.

  • Do I have to compulsorily get Nude?

    No, a very common misconception for those who are just learning about Tantra. None of our sessions or retreats have compulsory nudity.

  • Is it compulsory to get intimate with someone during the workshop ?

    No, this is most definitely not a requirement. The Tantra journey brings one closer to their inner self and makes them sexually aware about themselves. As adults, we respect and encourage individuals to start listening to their bodies more and understand its desires.

  • Will I have to be a part of group sex in the workshop or retreat?

    Not at all. There is no group sex in any Tantra Nectar Workshop / Trainings / Retreat. Tantra is the path to discovering your true self. We strongly insist our participants to focus on themselves, even when it comes to intimacy. You need to be intimate with yourself to be intimate with others.

  • If we come as couples, we will have to get sexually intimate with another participant for the workshop or retreat. – False

    Every individual attending our workshop or retreat can be rest assured that Tantra practices and exercises do not violate personal and relationship boundaries. We want you to respect yourself and your partner. There will be no violation of agreements between couples and support behaviours with integrity.

  • I will be paired with someone for the entire workshop / retreat. – False

    Singles remain singles, Period. You can choose to work with someone for different exercise on your own discretion. We all are here to learn about own self and from each other. So be respectful and honour every unique participant present. The occasional pairing gives singles a chance to practise for when they are in a relationship.


  • Tantra is not for gay or lesbian singles/couple. – False

    Every individual, man or woman is welcomed. Tantra helps you get in touch with each individuals masculine and feminine aspects within themselves. It’s about discovering your own sexuality irrespective of your preferences.

  • I can get alcohol and bring non-prescribed drugs. – False

    Tantra Nectar workshops and retreats are drugs and alcohol free. For those who smoke, we have a few approved areas only for it.

  • Tantra workshops and retreats are full of gossip and there is violation to privacy - False

    We are of the opinion that a group of individuals, in one space creates an energy circle which helps each one present to find their innermost potential. Also, in our apparent liberate society, we notice that individuals are often holding back due to fear, guilt and shame. Our retreats and workshops in groups helps you overcome this and enjoy the sweet nectar or self- discovery. A group becomes a supportive environment you need to break free from the shackles of society. We are strictly follow the rules of privacy and respect individuality.

  • I have a high sex drive. It will become more with Tantra. – False

    This is not possible. Tantra practices broadens your perspective on sex. Gives you an abysmal meaning to sex than it being a mere physical activity. That does not mean regular sex is not great, you will just find a deeper level of satisfaction after attending our workshop or retreat.

  • I won’t get any support after workshop. – False

    Once you sign up for our workshop or retreat, you become a part of our Tantra Nectar family. We will connect at such deep levels during the time we spend, we will love to be in touch even after. We are readily available and can mutually decide when to connect if you want to discuss anything. We can also arrange for virtual counselling if needed. We also give every one of you some written information during and after workshops. Plus, we have supporting materials like books and DVDs for sale as well.

  • Who will conduct the seminars?

    The seminars will be conducted by teachers affiliated with Tantra Nectar.

  • Can I attend a trial seminar before signing up for the workshop/retreat?

    No. We do not have any such facility. However, we do have an open evening scheduled before every workshop. Feel free to attend the session in the evening to get a taste of Nectar or Tantra. Please note this is subject to availability.

  • How many participants are expected in a retreat / workshop?

    The number varies from 25-50 depending on the purpose, duration, location and many such aspects of the workshop.

  • What is the age limit?

    Anyone within the age group of 20 to 55 is invited to attend.

  • What is the men and women ratio?

    We try our best to balance the man and woman ratio. But, this may also depend on the topic of workshop/retreat.

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