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How Does The Tantra Nectar Training Work?


The Tantra Nectar Training is meticulously designed by merging ancient Tantric Science and Osho-Neo Tantra Practices. The training is imparted with full love and care so that there is maximum benefit for you.

15 Days of Training

The Tantra Nectar Training is divided into three parts. The first part is for a duration of 3 days, the second part


is for a duration of 5 days and the third part is for a period of 7 days.

The three parts are conducted over a period of one year.

Tantra Nectar Training Methods

The time gap between the trainings is vital as they provide a space to absorb and reflect the teachings & trainings so that you can go deep within yourself and become aware. Practicing different methods, exercises and meditation is encouraged during the period. However, we are always available to provide any kind of support that you would need.


First Part

The first part which spans for 3 days is an Introduction to Tantra.
Fundamental questions like what exactly is Tantra and why it is essential to practice, are addressed. This gives you an opportunity to decide if Tantra is your Path or not.

Go Deep Yourself

The first part promises to open multiple doors into your being and will help you to connect deeply with yourself. So for all the seekers of Tantra, this beautiful Tantra Nectar Training is open to all.

Second Part

The second part is for a period of 5 days.
It imparts you with the Nectar of Tantra which serves as a base for preparing you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for your foray into Path of Tantra.

Ancient Ritual Method

The Nectar of Tantra is given with the aid of ancient rituals from Indian, Buddhist and Taoist Tantra with the blessings of all Tantra Masters.

Third Part

The third part is for a duration of 7 days.
This part provides intensive knowledge and understanding of powerful Tantra practices from Tantra Loka, Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, Buddhist Tantra, Taoism practices of Longevity along with Osho Neo Tantra Meditations. This part facilitates you to go deep within yourself, become fully aware and open new doors to Love and creativity in your life.

Three Parts of Tantra Nectar Training

For getting the most out of it, it is important for you to attend all the three parts of the Tantra Nectar Training and complete the course, however ultimately we allow you to choose. All the parts of the training are complete in their own way, but you can’t join part 2 without completing part 1 or similarly you can’t start with part 3 without doing part 2.


All Tantra Nectar trainings have one goal – to make you taste the sweet taste of Tantra Nectar so that you can experience the state of Non–Duality.
Thus, everything you learn, experience and gain during our training is to guide you towards achieving this goal.

Features of Tantra Rituals

There are many aspects to this training, some of them being:
1.Ancient Tantra Rituals and Mediations from Vigyan Bhariav Tantra of Kula.
2.Tradition and from Tantra Loka of Kashmiri Shivaism Tradition.
3.Mantra Journey of Buddhist Tantra Tradition, Vedic Tantra Tradition.
4.Taoist Tantra Practices of Longevity.
4.Tantra Yoga, Pranayama, Bandha and Mudra Practices.
5.Osho Meditations.
6.Understanding of Chakra System and Various kinds of Chakra Mediations.
7.Body Awareness Techniques.
8.Bio-energetic Techniques and Body dynamics breath work exercises.
9.Body Movement, Ecstatic Dance, Kundalini Awaking Exercises and Contact.
10.Dance with oneself and others.
11.Contact Exercises to expand your senses and to explore your boundaries.
12.Self-Love Exercises to make you feel comfortable with yourself.
13.Tantric Body Sensitivity exercise and rituals with oneself and others.

Tantra Nectar Touch and Tantra Massages from different traditions.


Keep in mind that there is no sex or penetration during the sessions. In some exercises, you will feel immense love, care and warmth with yourself and towards others and may experience a deep level of intimacy.

You will never be asked to perform anything against your will; instead you will be offered an atmosphere of freedom.

Overcome all boundaries

Also, though nudity is a part of the practice, it is not mandatory. We will always take care of your preferences and boundaries but it would be appreciated if you overcome your fears and redefine your boundaries.

We provide a safe and natural environment which serves as a good opportunity to go beyond your belief system and allow yourself to live freely & naturally and be childlike again.

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