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Tantra For Couples


Tantra is an alchemy to turn your partner into your soul mate. Our Workshop Rising in love for Couples is an opportunity for lovers to develop a deep soulful connection.

You can explore and transform your relationship using sacred sexuality and sensuality practices. Using Tantra, couples can now unravel the mysteries of the phenomenon on love to discover the nectar contained in meeting of the polarities.

Sex is A Divine

Osho said: “Approach the sex act as if you are approaching the temple of the divine. Approach the sex act as if it is prayer, as if it is meditation. Feel the holiness of it.”
Sexual union between a man and woman is like a door to attain consciousness. Tantra teaches you methods to open this door provided by nature to access an ecstatic state of being with sensitivity and Intelligence.

Power of Couple Tantra

This creates a tremendous resource for the development of conscious love. You will experience positive sexual and spiritual transformation with couples Tantra.
Tantra is the road through which you learn how to boost your sex lives with your partner. Tantra teaches you how you can move your energy from the first chakra to the seventh chakra.

On reaching the seventh chakra, you attain utmost satisfaction and the love making experience that you have for you partner deepens.
The man and the woman come closer to each other by following the simplicity, slowly burning all the barriers between them. Growing through love is the most natural and humane spiritual path.

Lovable Family Life

The natural flow of love is possible between a loving man and a loving woman, but in a modern society such flow is hindered by social ideas and beliefs. When we begin to keep in touch with love in ourselves, we begin to remember why we were born on this planet. Life begins again and acquires a completely new meaning and opportunity.

And not just your life, because through love we are connected to others. Your progress has an impact on the surrounding.
With Tantra meditation, we bring more awareness to the heart and open the way for the growth of love.

Tantra is a way of Conscious Love

Tantra is the Way of Conscious Love. Connection to inner love and peace – to who I am – reduces dependence on external circumstances. This makes us less manipulative. There is an experiential understanding that everything we need to live is already there.

The joy and love that is sought from the outside, such as wealth, popularity, or relationships, is truly a draw from within. Tantra for couples helps you to love your own self unconditionally which results in you being loved in the same manner.
There are certain practices in this workshops which are done on an individual level. This supports you to deepen intimacy, open your heart to reception conscious communication and experience sacred sexuality.

Walk through the Real Tantra

We have several events, workshops and retreats for Tantra for couples. Couples of all ages can be a part of this. Couples whose relationship is relatively good, committed and loving and may or may not have any sexual concerns or other typical relationship challenges can also join this.

Sometime one or both partners may be interested in Tantra, or hope to deepen their intimate connection, enhance or reignite their love life or just have an adventurous time together.
Our retreats /workshops ignite the fire between you and your partner, catapulting your connection to something truly transcendental.



Covered in this Workshop

1. How to make love and the power of Tantric Sex

Most of the couples think that they know how to make love, but the truth is only 1 % knows the art.

In this workshop, we will teach you the complete recipe of Tantric Love Making which can change your way of sex making it a divine experience of Meditation.

2. The art of communication

The workshop will make use of conscious relating and receptive communication. You will open up to your partner in the most honest manner you ever will. It helps deepen your connection.

3. How to understand Tantra

This workshop uncovers how Tantra is not just about Sex. There is more to it. You get to re-connect with yourself and your beloved on a level never before experienced. Once you start understanding Tantra, you start understanding yourself in the true sense.

4. How to improve your relationship by finding the secret of a healthy relationship

Tantra helps you to connect with your partner at a physical, mental, sexual and sensual level, making it a powerful union. This accelerates the spiritual evolution of both partners individually, making them truly happy and content together.

5. Self-Love Meditation and Practices

If you want that your lover starts to love yourself for that it’s very important to learn the secret of love and that is Self-Love. Self-Love is most important to live a tantric life. The workshop will have a number of exercises to fall in love with yourself just the way you are.

6. Tantra Meditations and Rituals

Tantra rituals including guided Meditation, Breathwork, Dance and Massage is beautiful and helps in bonding. It takes couples away from their normal routine and into an enchanted experience that opens them up and fills them with bliss.

7. Massage for Lovers

In the workshop, we are sharing with couples the very beautiful Tantric Massage with Yoni and Lingam worshipping rituals to strengthen your connection with your partner in deeper layers.

8. Sexual Health of Men & Women

The workshop will help improve the sexual health of men and women by enabling them to experience full body orgasms. They will also learn about Yoni and Lingam worshipping and massages to increase pleasure.

9. Osho Meditations, Contact Dance and Body Dynamic Breath Practices

The workshop has exercises combining Tantric teachings and practices, paired exercise and sacred land-journeys based on Osho Meditations. Contact dancing is taught where you close your eyes to mesmerizing rhythms, with a blissful smile on your faces, embracing each other in a very gentle way, forgetting everything around them.

10. Tantra Yoga and Tantra Mantra

The Tantra Asana will inspire you and help you understand the lifestyle benefits for each Pranayama. It will make you aware of it using a specific series of mantras and bandhas. For getting deeper in the Tantric Couple journey, physical fitness is a must.



1.Rising in love for couples’ workshop helps to heal sexual dysfunctions. You also end up experiencing orgasm in all seven chakras and the phenomenon of the soul mate with the harmony of opposite polarities.

2.Rising in love for couples’ workshop helps partners connect through exquisite Tantra pleasure practices and deepen their love through ecstatic breath work and heart-opening rituals. You also awaken subtle energy practices that will stoke the fires of love.

3.Rising in love for couples’ workshop lets you expand your intimacy, inspiring you to slow down and truly savour the gift of your connection by nourishing your souls with embodied meditation to get you out of your head and more deeply connected to your bodies.

4.Rising in love for couples’ workshop deals with various issues such as – how to make love deeply, how to understand Tantra and how to improve your relationship, etc. These issues are solved using Tantra methods, yoga and Tantra rituals done within a group. However, there are certain parts of this which is done on an individual level. This supports you to deepen intimacy, open your heart to reception conscious communication and experience sacred sexuality.

5.Rising in love for couples’ workshop helps you add more tools to your Intimacy Box. You uncover more secrets to drive each other wild & connect at deeper level.

6.Rising in love for couples’ workshop helps to heal past traumas in your body, learn to love each other unconditionally, renew your vows and more.

7.Rising in love for couples’ workshop is an ideal opportunity to recharge your relationship. Whether you have been together for a short time or a long time, regardless of your age or circumstances, we will bring you practices for reigniting the fire and remembering why you enjoyed each other so much in the beginning.

Relationships have the power to open our hearts, sparking incredible depths of intimacy and creating remarkable transformation. A wholehearted relationship offers the experience of feeling more alive and empowered than when you are solo. Reignite your attraction, love and desire with us.

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