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Tantra For Men


Our Awakening the DIVINE MASCULINE training is designed to guide you towards reclaiming your manhood and living your full potential as a man. You will explore your connection with Mother Earth, Money and Sexuality which are the three important pillars of a Man’s whole being.
You will learn how to cultivate and gain mastery over a man’s human connection, sexual drive, power, ambition and vulnerability of the masculine identity.

Drawing Tantra

Drawing on the ancient practices and teachings of Tantra, you will learn how to build and channel your sexual energy to experience a whole new dimension of love-making and orgasm. A recent study suggests that men have 3 times the urge of having sex than women.Also, men are fascinated by women’s breast because of a simple hormone released during breastfeeding creating a bond between the mother and child.

Build A Strong Bond

The same hormone is responsible for creating the evolutionary drive for strong bonds between lovers. But we are living in world which trains us to fight but not make love.
The lack of education to know the secret alchemy of the art of love has resulted in a generation of man who doesn’t have any connection with his natural instincts.
Man today, has forgotten how to live his life in its full potential. Satyarthi Prateek’s own journey in Tantra has helped him decode the importance of Tantra for man.


Society today does not shy away from questioning the nature of a man’s sexuality. In complete honesty, they are right as we as men are off the track.

Only after we change this will be able to come together to create a better alliance with ourselves as well as one and other, determining our true nature and destiny as men.

Out from Stress

The man centric heredities we share, the world over, are laden with the dreams and activities of a distressed man, not true to the essence of sacred or divine masculinity, which is our legacy and birth right.

The distressed man, with his skepticism and misconception, has driven us to a world of extraordinary chaos and disorder, bringing us close to the breakdown of the natural world. We are truly at the brink of a collapsing society even today.

This can primarily be because of the fact that the Principle of the Sacred Masculine is most often misunderstood, misaligned and too often not reflected in our ethos, our leaders or our society at large.

Be a Sacred Soul

This is to an extent because of the established order of Man who does not respect and live in sanctified balance or amicability with the sacredness or harmony of Creation, which is deep-rooted in every one of us, and in each living thing.

The distressed man does not honour and recognize this and is unable to perceive or try to make right of his wounds and unsafe actions that stem out of this misconstrued masculinity.

Choose Right Relationship

That right action and idea emerges from living and abiding in the right relationship. It is inside the knowledge of our own hearts, of one another, with the wise ways and lessons of the world, and with the insight and natural form of Creation, which emerges from our real manliness as well as equally from within the Sacred Feminine, in her numerous expressions.

We are intended to be in an equivalent and balanced relationship with those manifestations of our own psyche and heart, and the Sacred Feminine, too. Intelligence of the Heart and the honouring and backing of All Life are the grounds of the guidelines of the harmony of Life.

Sacred Masculine

The Sacred, or Divine Masculine, anticipates to bless us, and to lift us to our actual legacy, as men who can meet up in respect and regard for All Life, yet standing completely and solidly in our own capacity and knowing.

It’s time we get together to restore the real harmony of the Sacred Masculine, in right connection to the Living Principles of the Cosmos, and do our part to re-establish and walk in parity and concordance in that Path, in that Sacred Web of Life Awakening the DIVINE MASCULINE is a group of men supporting men.

The cultural stigma around it makes it feel weird to a lot of guys to open up with other men. But to overcome that fear is well worth it – there is so much healing, maturity and empowerment that comes from male bonding.

One of the most important things for a man to stay in his integrated masculine and keep testosterone high is to be part of a men’s group!

Do you have close brothers supporting you in our life? If not, let’s change that.

Join the Real Joy

Join us, in an all-male environment, where you can share honestly and express yourself as the divine masculine that you are born to be. Here roles and status have no importance.

Our Divine Masculinity program is only for Men. It will be held for 3 hours as an evening meeting and there will also be a 5 day retreat which includes accommodation and food.



Covered in this Workshop

1. Taoist Tantra Practice for activating the Sexual Energy

Taoist Tantra considers one’s sexual energy to be as his life force. This sexual energy is activated when the man conserves his jing (semen) by learning to pass on the energy of orgasm throughout the body without ejaculation.

Activate Sexual Energy

2. Chakra Meditation Journey to move this Energy in to whole body

The Chakra Meditation practices gets our inner masculinity and femininity to be balanced to unlock the true potential of a man’s masculinity. The sacred sexual energy is felt throughout the whole body.

3. How to Last Longer in Sex

From controlling your ejaculation, to finding the right rhythm and thrusting technique, to choosing positions that stimulates your partner more, to PC muscle awareness, to the most important breath control; all these Tantra practices helps a man to last longer in sex.

4. The Art of Love Making – The Secret of Master Lover

This is very important since most men jerk off in less than 5 minutes. Learn the art of love making which is spiritual and more pleasurable for both partners. Enjoy the pleasure of energy rotating in circles, throughout the body by awakening the Tantric lover within.

5. Practical Solutions to deal with Sexual Health issues

Tantra yoga and meditation helps a man to learn the art of controlling ejaculation and conserving the sexual energy. The practices are highly beneficial to solves issues of Premature Ejaculation, Erectile dysfunction, Low Libido etc

6. How to get rid of Pornographic Habits

Pornographic habits distracts the man to explore his true sexuality and gives the ideas of sex to be fast and wild with the end goal of ejaculation. With Tantra, you will discover the actual pleasure one gets after sex which is both spiritual and liberating at the same time.

7. Meditation to Awakening the Divine Masculine

Tantra meditation helps re-awaken the divine masculine within us which is most often suppressed due to the outwardly societal norms and rules. It guides us to connect with our inner femininity and shows how the balance of both within is the true way we are meant to exist.

8. Make a connection with your Inner Shiva – The Tantra Way

With Tantra Yoga, we engage in a form of spirituality that fosters Lord Shiva’s consciousness through the release of self. Once connected, you are unaffected by the torment of the outside world. You become focused, grounded and empathetic.

Tantra Increase Man’s Health

9. Man’s Health

Tantra for man helps improve his overall health. In the sense, that once he is in touch with his true inner self and accepts both his femininity and masculinity, he is the best version of himself. He becomes truly powerful and no society can bring him down with shame or guilt.

10. Power of Brotherhood

Coming to this training is a choice to reclaim your individual masculinity, to stand in the light of your own awareness as a man among other men, your brothers. It is a rite of passage, where you can finally feel the glory of your true manhood, your Godliness!


1. You can find your soul calling
In Tantra, Man represents Lord Shiva which means consciousness and creation. Your ultimate goal is to discover the purpose of your life and become a medium of creation. This workshop helps you to know yourself better and find your true nature. You can then understand your purpose of life freeing you from almost all kinds of desires. You live like an artist of your own life, once you’ve unlocked your soul calling.

Love Making

2. Discover the full potential of love making with yourself and with your partner

On an average, a man can perform intercourse only for 3-5 minutes leaving both partners dissatisfied. This Workshop helps you to learn to use tools to make love for longer and become the master of ejaculation. Tantra teaches you how to make love with yourself so you can awaken your senses and also teaches how to make love to a woman. This will help in becoming a multi orgasmic man. As a man, you can go deeper in your love making experience to experience the journey from sex to super consciousness.

3. Get deeper insights about man and woman
This workshop helps a man on how to relate with a woman. You as a man have a local approach to sexuality and a woman has a global approach to sexuality. Simply put, a man’s whole sexuality is around his genital, but a woman’s entire body is sexual. So as a man, if you want to relate with a woman, start from her heart and then she can open her legs for you. Tantra teaches you breathing practices to open your heart and balance your energy to each chakra. It provides a deeper understanding of a woman and yourself.

4. A holistic approach to life
This workshop helps a man by teaching him the holistic approach of life so you can enjoy being alone and make a deep connection with the Mother Earth. A Man needs time for himself for his hormones to get nourished by spending some healthy alone time. But because of this 21st century pressure, man forgets this and is disconnected from his roots. Tantra works in a way to give man the ability to get connected with himself and his roots.

5. Learn to Celebrate each moment
Usually, because of a busy life, you forget how to dance, how to move the energy in a body. That’s why so many new kinds of health problems are coming up daily. This workshop teaches you how to move this energy and enjoy each moment thoroughly. You will learn the dance of celebrating this life. It makes you as a man more alive and Juicier. This is very healthy for your spiritual growth.

6. Uncover secrets of Man’s health and get supported by your Brotherhood
In the workshop, you will meet other men who value learning about themselves and deepening their experience of the healthy masculine. Each man will become more familiar with the positive and shadow aspects, of how he deals with power.

7. Meeting with your Inner Shiva
The workshop enable you to meet your inner Shiva, making you a man in his divine power who is comfortable with his vulnerability, passion, desire, sexuality, masculine potency and his gentle heart.
These are just a few benefits. Be assured that awakening the DIVINE MASCULINE and this path of Tantra will change your life for good.

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