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Tantra For Women


Awakening with divine feminine workshop is designed for a woman to connect with her female essence. You will reach out to your deepest resources by spending time with other women. The women will enable you to see yourself for who you are; it will be like looking in a mirror. This lets you nurture many aspects of yourself which you may have neglected.

Awakening with divine feminine workshop is for you if you’re ready to open up to deeper sexual awareness, accessing greater ecstasy and expanding your innate wise woman. The power of love will manifest more in your life with this.

Tantra’s Power for Women

This Workshop offers you a protected space to investigate the recuperating medicine of your feminine creative life power. You will figure out how to be available in your body and support your internal goddess in each second of your life. Through mindfulness, breath, development and sound you will tune in to the knowledge of your womb and uncover the light of your heart.
The experience of womanhood offers an extraordinary help where you can feel held, seen and met where you as a whole are welcome and profound connection takes place.

Wisdom of Feminine

Women today feel disconnected to their feminine qualities. It is vital for the world today, for us to discover the wisdom of being a woman, celebrate ourselves and each other and finally receive the masculine.

Your sexuality is essential to your wellbeing–as essential as good sleep and nutritious food and friendship. Sexuality starts with self-love. It revolves around pleasure. It thrives when you know your body intimately. Paying attention to your yoni and breasts will increase your vibration. Learning to maximize your self-love practice will spill over into your experiences with lovers. Having a fulfilling sex life will transform the way you walk in the world.

Divine Feminine

In a circle of supportive women, you will honour and connect to your femininity bringing pleasure into the light and releasing the shame surrounding it. With the openness and acceptance of other conscious women, the most beautiful unfolding of the Self begins to take place. Experience this magic for yourself with Divine Feminine.



Covered in this Workshop

1. Shakti Flow Yoga & Meditation

Shakti Flow is a movement based routine with regards to yoga, wellness, dance and meditation that works up the perfect female inside every one of us. Yoga and meditation frees our Shakti energy and enables us to move away from our stuck patterns and habits. It shows us a new way of life inspired by movement.

2. Awakening the Wild woman

The workshop helps in awakening the wild woman by getting in touch with and learning to understand your natural rhythms. It teaches you to live with a purpose with the help of the deep fire and holy rage inside of your bones.

3. Be Free and Accept yourself

The workshop teaches you how to unblock your creative channel and come into deep contact with your true essence. When this true essence is expressed through intuitive voice and movement, you will begin to shake free the shackles of conditioning and feel your whole being open and release.

4. Make A Connection with Your Inner Shakti

The Tantra Path Connecting with your inner source of wisdom and power; the Divine Feminine energy within you known as Shakti, is the key to integrating and embodying your True Self.

5. Sacred Feminine Embodiment Practices & Rituals

The feminine embodiment temple is where we deeply reconnect to ourselves & the cycles of nature through embodiment practises. It’s a place to expand your experience through sharing, learning, guiding, meditating, practicing rituals and returning to a life that is profoundly sacred in a playful and empowered way.

6. Self-Love & Yoni Worship

Yoni worship is loving and adoring the yoni (vagina) through various self-love and/or self-pleasure practices. At the workshop, learn practical tools and ancient rituals of yoni worship, massage and mapping to release physical, and emotional patterns of tension while creating new pathways of expansive pleasure.

7. Heart, Womb & Yoni Awakening

Women whose heart and Yoni (vagina) have opened totally have the ability to change the essence of the Earth. The first step towards it is to cleanse the Womb & Yoni from the energetic residue of conditioning & emotions left in it by the outer world & her sexual experiences.

8. Dance, Devotional Singing & Voice Activation

The Divine Feminine Dance will help integrate the Inner Goddess into our being and to fully embody her. Use your voice, it is sacred and meant to be heard. Sing to the divine. Sing from your heart. Sing yourself open, and then: merge with Love. Devotional Singing along with Voice activation will help us to let go of limiting beliefs that hold us back to be the woman we always wanted to be.

9. Loving Touch, Chakra Healing Massage with Breast Massage & Breathwork

Experience deep relaxation and allow yourself to receive, trust and surrender through conscious loving touch. You can release trauma, numbness, pain and emotions and expand your orgasmic potential. Chakra Healing Massage with Breast Massage & Breathwork focusses on awakening of life energy through sensual touch, expansion in pleasure and sublimation of energy. Creating a new healthy and loving relationship towards yourself, your femininity and your Yoni.

10. Women’s Sharing Circle

Women’s Sharing circle helps to understand the benefits of working with the divine feminine and learn different ways of connecting with this energy to bring about more pleasure, balance and authenticity in their lives.



Awakening with divine feminine workshop will help you in this transformational journey to reclaim your spiritual gifts by freeing yourself from cultural shame, fear and taboo around your sexuality and body. You will have creativity in self-expression.

Awakening with divine feminine workshop will help you embrace your sensuality as well as discover soulful intimacy. Your new found divine energy can deepen intimacy in your relationship.

Divine Workshop for Feminine

Awakening with divine feminine workshop will help you to discover the secrets to frequent as well as enjoyable orgasms and even whole body orgasms using Tantra Practices.

Awakening with divine feminine workshop will connect you to the sisterhood. You will experience the power of being in a tribe. When you’re part of the Divine sisterhood you get to offer yourself quality me time. You feel supported, sensual, confident, playful and loved. You get to knock the door to your own inner wisdom. It gives you the power to stop hiding behind masks and practice authenticity.

Awakening Divine of Feminine

Awakening with divine feminine workshop gives you space to connect, awaken and liberate your Divine Feminine Goddess, to meet your inner Shakti and demystify the secrecy and oppression of the Sacred Feminine. For too long, women have left this piece of themselves lay dormant and uninspired. For too long they have allowed shame, lack of self-worth and lack of self-love overtake her. This is a way to deep energetic healing and awakening. It creates a safe container in which you will explore and ignite your innate feminine power. You will purposefully examine and disassemble the reasons women shy away from, and are fearful to engage in fierce self-love.

Awakening with divine feminine workshop will help to overcome the sexual shame instilled within by the society .Through meditation, intentional expression and chakra balancing you will shift, shake and awaken that beautiful Divine Goddess that resides within. You will tap into your sacred chakra where your feminine essence and spirituality lives and breathes. You will ignite and explore your womb and allow the creative force energy to come alive and finally dance freely without shame or fear. You will explore and challenge yourselves to adopt a lifestyle change, through tantric teaching, that will allow you to maintain this deep connection and higher vibration in our everyday lives. Your sexuality is just as important as any other aspect of your being. Loving sexual contact is vital for your emotional, physical and energetic well-being. It can be one of the greatest pleasures and joys of being incarnated in a human body.

Special Workshop

Awakening with divine feminine workshop can empower you, to help balance out your feminine and masculine polarity and provide tools so that you may know love, compassion and joy and once again to experience them in your life. By embracing every aspect of being human, you discover the truth of your own Divinity.

Awaken and expand the levels of conscious connection with your inner wise woman by attending our divine feminine workshop.

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