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Tantra Nectar Training Part 1


 If you are new to the spiritual world and looking for the ideal path to embark on to gain insight and enlightenment, you should consider giving a chance to Tantra. This first training is just the right place for you to begin seeking.

The first training is specifically designed for people who are not too familiar with spirituality or any self-awareness practices. If you curious as to what exactly is Tantra, how can it be helpful in life, you will find the answers to all such fundamental questions.

Understanding The Concept

After a thorough understanding of the concept of Tantra & Ancient Tantra Rituals you can make an informed decision if you want to continue on the Tantra path to reach super consciousness.

If you decide to continue on the path, you are welcomed to our next set of trainings, and if you feel that Tantra is not the path you are seeking, we will perfectly understand and guide you to another path which might be more in alignment with what you are seeking.

Get All knowledge of Meditation

This Tantra Nectar Training is the only training which is open to all, no background and knowledge of Meditation or Tantra is necessary. This training will open a doorway to your inner self. This Tantra Nectar Training is beneficial for both singles and couples. Generally the duration of the Tantra Nectar Part 1 workshop is 3 days but it could change according to the place and availability.


– Understanding the true meaning of Tantra,Ancient Tantra Rituals and its lineage.

– Introduction to Tantra Yoga Kriya & Asanas. Yoga Kriya helps accelerate one’s spiritual growth.

Yoga Kriya

Yoga Kriya is said to be the most effective practice for reaching the goal of Yoga i.e union with the divine.

– Pranayama and Meditation Workshops designed to guide you into the interesting journey of yoga breathing techniques and meditations to ease yourself and others. You have a chance to explore ancient healing Techniques which will bring peace, health, vitality, balance, rejuvenation and re-freshness into your body and mind with our Pranayama and Meditation Workshops. Pranayama and Meditation Workshops will also improve your health.

Reawakening of Chakra

– Reawakening of the Chakra system & working on the energy blockages. Chakra Healing Workshop will help you see how your chakras influence your energy system. This in turn influences your behavior, character-traits and the situations you attract into your life. You will also learn how activate and balance chakras in this Chakra Healing Workshop.

Chakra Therapy Training

– Chakra Therapy Training where you will be taught how to unlock the vital energy within yourself. Chakra Therapy training focuses on diagnosing chakra imbalances & expand your comfort zones. Chakra Therapy training helps you discover a whole new way of understanding yourself and others.

– Expansion of Heart with Five senses.
– Importance of Self-love with practical exercises.
-Awakening of Inner Shiva & Shakti with the help of outer Male-female polarities.

Osho Meditation and Therapy

– An Introduction To Osho Meditation & Osho Therapy. Osho Meditation focusses on every level of human body. Osho Therapy helps use this natural flow to create harmony at all levels – physical, spiritual & psychological.

– An Introduction to Tantra Nectar Touch with the Merging of Conscious Touch . Learning Conscious touch for bringing love in one’s touch and also improving awareness. The Conscious Touch is able to evoke the natural flow of energy in your body.

– Dance gives you the power of expression in the most natural way. Tantra teaches reverence for the body, love, respect for the body, gratitude for the body. Ecstatic Dance brings these two mediums together to create a space where movement becomes a meditation & also a celebration. Ecstatic dance is a combination of ancient plus modern methods of dance & yoga. Ecstatic Dance helps reveal the deeper reality of a person.


What you will gain and learn from this workshop?

-It will give you an insight into the three most important questions on the Tantra Path:

“What is Tantra and the Importance of Tantra?”

“How can Tantra Change your Life?”

– It will make you feel alive again by awakening your vital energy and senses with Conscious Touch, Osho Therapy, Contact Dance, and Several Contact Exercises.

Walk Tantra Path

“Is Tantra your path?”

– It will give you a better understanding of your body, so you can feel your body and tune in better with the surroundings

– It will bring back playfulness and creativity in your Life.

– It will balance your Chakra system and clear the energy blockages, thus healing your Chakras with Chakra Therapy Training & Chakra Healing Workshops

– It will restore the Shiva & Shakti energy inside of you.

– It will improve your overall health and will help you foster a deep connection with your body

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