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Tantra Nectar Training Part 2


This workshop is beneficial for individuals who are in search of self-realization.
The path of Tantra is appropriate and should only be embarked upon by the courageous seeker who wishes to change his life and is willing to accept his first chakra energy (sexual energy).

Prior knowledge and some kind of experience in Yoga, Meditation or Bodywork is mandatory and a prerequisite.

Care to Everyone

If you have no experience in the same then you will only be permitted to attend the training after an interview, because we want to ensure that we provide a safe environment for all the participants.

Both Single and Couple

Usually only those people who had joined and attended the “Tanta Nectar Introduction Training” are allowed to be a part of this Training. This workshop is beneficial for both Singles and Couples and we welcome both Singles and Couples to be participate.

Tantra Nectar Part 2 workshop is conducted for a period of 5 days but it is subject to change according to the place and availability.


– Introduction, Rituals and Meditations from various Ancient Tantra Traditions like Vedic Tantra, Taoist Tantra, Shamanic Tantra & Buddhist Tantra.

– Reawakening of Chakra System with several Chakra Meditations and Chakra Breathing Exercises. Major topics covered also include Chakra Dance, Chakra Breathing & Chakra Loop Meditation.

Chakra Dance

Chakra Dance unlike other dances is not just about movement but blends free-flowing movements with sound. This results in freeing the energy in your body. You open to a deeper experience of life with Chakra Dance.

Chakra Breathing helps you to experience each of the 7 chakras by becoming aware. Deep breathing along with rapid body movement along with musical sounds is used in Chakra Breathing. This brings awareness & vitality to the Chakras. Chakra Breathing meditation is best when done on an empty stomach.

Loop Meditation

Chakra Loop Meditation uses breath to connect the seven chakras. It is a powerful meditation that allows you to clear your emotional baggage. Chakra Loop Meditation brings harmony to the chakras.

Learn Balancing and Healing of Chakra

– Learning Charka Balancing & Charka Healing

– Introduction to Dynamic Meditation. Physical actions are involved in Dynamic Meditation which is also a fast and intense way to break into the reasons holding body and mind in the past and helps to set it free.

– Introduction to Body Dynamic Breathwork. Body Dynamic breathwork is a continuous breathing technique that will automatically take you into a meditative state. With Body Dynamic Breathwork technique we can unlock any blocked or ‘stuck’ emotions that are stored in the physical body. It’s an opportunity to scrub our emotional body through our breathing.

Deep Relaxation in Pranayama

– Introduction to Tantra Asana, Pranayama training, Mantra and Banda. Pranayama Training helps us keep pace with the modern pace of living as well as provides with deep relaxation. Pranayama Training does so by training us to harness the power of breathing. Pranayama Courses enables you to be more adaptive & creative to overcome challenges. You learn the yogic way of breathing with Pranayama Courses.

– Introduction to the Tantra way of Breathing

– Introduction of Mystic Tantra Massage

Mystic Arts Training

– Introduction to Tantra Nectar Touch with Mystic Tantra Touch or Mystic Arts Training.  In Mystic Arts Training you will know how you can use Tantric touch to overcome all psychological blocks to pleasure. Mystic Arts Training also boosts your confidence by putting you in touch with your own sensuality.

– Importance of Self-love with practical exercises.

– Understanding the true meaning of the Shiva and Shakti expression.

– Awakening of Inner Shiva and Shakti with the help of outer Male-female polarities

Aura Healing

– Learning about Aura Healing. Aura is the light around the body and is possessed by all. Aura Healing uses one’s own energy flow to heal from within by releasing blocks of unwanted energies. Thus, it occurs on deeper levels of consciousness. Aura Healing expands our field of consciousness to heal our thought patterns.



– It will make you feel alive again by awakening your vital energy and senses with Conscious Touch, Osho Therapy, Contact Dance , and Several Contact Exercises.

– It will teach you how to increase self-love manifold.

– It will give you a better understanding of your body, so you can feel your body and tune in better with the surroundings.

Bring back your Creativity

– It will bring back playfulness and creativity in your life.- You will feel a surge in your energy, an expansion of your sensuality and experience the multi layers of your orgasmic body.

– It will free you from the sexual shame and conditioning ingrained by the Society.
– There will be Chakra balancing and all energy blockages within your body will be cleared.

– It will restore the Shiva & Shakti energy inside of you.

Learn the Various Tools of Tantra

– You will learn various tools of Tantra and Healing which you can apply in your daily life to achieve your goals and live life in its full potential.

– You will be able to enjoy a Natural and Healthy Sexuality.

– It will improve your overall Health and help you built a deep connection with your body.

– Tantra Touch and Tantra Massage are a part of the Training which will open new dimensions in your love life.
Most importantly, it will change the quality of Love-making.

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