The Tantra Path – A Path of Love & Awareness

This workshop is ideal for any individual who wants to dive deeper into Tantra. It is specifically designed for such individuals who want to choose the path of Tantra as their spiritual path.


To be a part of our workshop, one needs to have experience in meditation, bodywork, yoga or in Tantra. An individual application is only accepted if he has completed our Tantra Nectar Training Part 1 and 2.We also consider & interview those individuals who have deep experience in yoga, meditation & Tantra since it’s an extension to our part 1 and 2 training.

Best for Couples

This training is even more beneficial for couples. Singles may not get a chance to practice some intimate exercises unless they find a couple in our training itself. A few deep rituals and intimate Tantra exercises as well as meditations are included in this workshop.

Our Tantra Nectar Training Part 3 is a 5 day workshop. However, there may be changes depending on the place & availability.

Topics Covered in This Workshop

This workshop covers the following topics:
– Balancing of the chakra system & clearing the energy blockages.

– Emotional release by Catharsis and Gibberish. This makes one express his repressed emotions and deal with the reasons causing it.

The goal here is to achieve purification.

– In Depth Understanding and Practise of Tantra Asanas, Pranayama, Mantra and Banda.

Pranayama Healing

Pranayama Healing can be used for Self-Healing. How? Well, Pranayama healing regulates and balances your breathing which improves health.

It has a calming effect on you in any situation which is ideal for Self-Healing. Pranayama Healing also improves quality of life, making you more aware.

– The Tantra Way of Breathing, Taoist Tantra Practices & Bio Energetics Exercises are taught at this workshop.

– Practical exercise of Self-love and Partner Love that improves the quality of life.
– Ancient Tantra Rituals from Various Tantra Traditions.

– In Depth Work and Practices from Taoist Tantra.

The Importance of Vigyan Bhairav

– Meditations from Vigyan Bhairav Tantra & Tantra Loka. The Vigyan Bhairav Tantra is an important Tantra text Kashmiri Shaivism’s Trika school. It is said to be a dialogue between God Bhairava & his consort Bhairavi. The Vigyan Bhairav Tantra presents 112 meditation methods including several variants of breath awareness, mantra chanting, concentration on various centres in the body and more. A practitioner first has to understand which method is most suitable for himself to succeed using Vigyan Bhairav Tantra.

Kula Tradition

– Introduction of Shivaism & Buddhist Tantra and also the Kula Tradition. It is a religion known for its unique rituals and symbolism. These are connected with the worship of Shakti. The concepts of purity, sacrifice, freedom & heart as well as the spiritual master are the core ideas of Kula Tradition. Just like Tantra, it chooses a positive approach with no self-limitations.

– In depth work on Sexual traumas by Tantra Nectar Touch.

– Total Understanding of Tantra Nectar Touch.

Shiva and Shakti Meditation

– Learning Shiva & Shakti Meditation. Shiva is the male energy while Shakti is the female energy within an individual. The Shiva & Shakti Meditation enables these energies to become open one to life and consciousness. The Shiva & Shakti Meditation helps you find the balance between both these energies and eventually combine as one.

– Go on an Inner Journey to find your true life purpose using Tantra. The Inner Journey helps decode the talents, gifts & love we have within us. You will be able to reconnect with who you truly are!

Inner Journey

This Inner Journey will result in living a purposeful & meaningful life.

– What is De armouring? This important topic is dealt with in this workshop. De armouring for both men & women will be introduced. De armouring helps find your natural sensitivity by releasing tensions and suppressed emotions.

– Learn about the Osho No Mind meditation practise which gives you a chance to shut off the conscious. Osho No Mind allows the unconscious thoughts to be spoken out.

Mystic Rose

– Osho Mystic Rose is one of the most fundamental & essential meditation techniques. Osho Mystic Rose is a journey within yourself. You’ll be able to witness the same in our part 3 training.

– Bodywork Therapy Training which will help you to grow as a being. In today’s society of body shaming and guilt, the Bodywork Therapy Training will help you reconnect with your body. These Bodywork Courses are a great way to release past traumas and emotional baggage. It gives you a chance to focus on yourself. Our Bodywork Courses & Bodywork Therapy Training will help you to create an intense dialogue with your body.


What you will gain and learn from this workshop?

– It gives you clarity on your path to spiritual search.

–  It makes you alive! You get a chance to relive your senses again. You learn to accept yourself the way you are which adds to your confidence.

– This self-confidence in your daily life helps you to grow holistically.

Don’t Shame of your Sexuality


– You will no longer be ashamed of your sexuality. You will be able to heal from all the sexual traumas, shame & fear about your sexuality placed by the society.

– You will be able to enjoy being or alone or committed. You will have a sense of fulfilment.

–  It teaches you how to make love with yourself as well as your partner.

– It gives you the freedom to go beyond the division of mind and become one with your partner.

–  It gives you some of the deep Tantra experience which Osho talks in Sex to Super Consciousness.

Honest and True Life Relationships

–  Your life will be more honest & true with fulfilling relationships.

– With help of catharsis and emotional release workshop, you feel more peace. The relaxed state of your being will bring you closer to your reality.

– It restores the Shiva & Shakti energy within you. This heals the inner child inside you making you ready to feel greater love and awareness.

– It teaches you the wisdom of Tantra Nectar Touch.

– Most importantly, it teaches you the art of making love. The new way of love making will transform your love making in to the mediation. You will feel the divine while doing it.



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